USA: – Cutting the grass – Killed by plane

USA: – Cutting the grass – Killed by plane

Landscape gardener Samantha Hayes, 27, lost her life while on duty mowing grass at a small airport in the Oklahoma town of Broken Bow on Friday.

This is what many international media reported.

The accident occurred at 14:30 local time, when a small Beechcraft Bonanza A36 plane was about to land on the airport’s only runway.

– It crashed

According to police, the pilot, in his 70s, must have only spotted Hayes on the lawnmower when the landing gear hit the ground.

He also explained that he tried to lift the plane off the ground again, but was unable to do so before the plane’s wing hit the 27-year-old in the head.

Woman (87) pushed onto the sidewalk – died

Hayes was pronounced dead at the scene.

-We are very sad to lose one of our employees on September 29th. “This is a tragic accident, and we extend our deepest condolences to colleagues, family and friends,” says City Councilor Vicki Patterson.

under investigation

The matter is now under investigation by the police and the Norwegian Civil Aviation Authority.

– The safety of our employees and citizens is our top priority. So it’s very important to know how this could happen, Patterson continues.

I ate pesto - I fell mortally ill

I ate pesto – I fell mortally ill

Many of Hae’s friends and family members have also paid tribute to her on social media in recent days.

They describe the 27-year-old as a wonderful person and a good, loving mother to her three children.

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