There is no strike among ground personnel at airports

There is no strike among ground personnel at airports

In an additional three and a half hours, an agreement was reached on mediation between Fellesforbundet and NHO Luftfart on the air contract. Thus, there will be no strike.

In 2016 a vitro plane was photographed at Trondheim Airport. Among those vulnerable to a possible strike between ground crews was the Vitro Ground Handling in Trondheim.
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– After the requested mediation, we are pleased to have arrived at the port with the good assistance of the mediator. Now that we have come up with a solution that will give our members a pay rise, we hope they will extend their support, says negotiator Doug-Ainer Sverdsson. Fellesforbundet.

Fellowsforbandt initially announced the resignation of 160 members of the Aviator in Bergen and the Vitro Ground Handling in Trondheim.

4 kroner per hour

The agreement provides a general increase of NOK 4 per hour for all, and the parties agree to a sharp increase in the minimum wage.

– With this decision, we believe we have come a long way in developing the contract. We are pleased that we have now achieved a steady increase in wage rates, which we absolutely believe is essential for the industry to be more competitive, says Chief Adviser Sivartson.

The agreement also acknowledges that arrangements will be made for capacity building and targeted work with diversity and equality.

Agree first – not later

The parties agreed when they met early this spring, but in a vote among Fellesforbundet members, 85 percent voted no to the airline deal. So, they met at the grievance forum on Monday at 10am.

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While there was no strike among ground personnel, the aviation sector was hit by another strike with the Norwegian aviation technology organization expelling 106 members. If no solution is found, 39 more technicians will go on strike from Saturday.


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