Gabe Pettito Case – Parents in a frank interview:

Gabe Pettito Case - Parents in a frank interview:

Instagram adventurer Gabi Pettito, 22, disappeared without a trace during a car vacation with fiancé Brian Laundry, 23, in August.

After an extensive search, she was found dead in Grand Teton National Park in the US state of Wyoming on September 19. The autopsy report shows that the 22-year-old has died choking The FBI describes it as a murder.

Laundry, who police said was a “VIP,” returned home from vacation alone in early September, and refused to answer where her boyfriend was. Since then it has been like sunk in the ground – Although the police have been looking for him for several weeks.

Now Gabe’s parents are opening up about losing their daughter and the police are chasing her fiancé.

“I love you”

This summer, the adventurer and his Instagram girlfriend went on a road trip with plans to cross the United States. Gabe’s mother, Nicole Schmidt, admits she was anxious before the flight.

– I was worried and told her to be careful, but I felt safe because she was with Brian. I thought he would take care of her and things would go well, she says in an interview with “60 Minutes Australia”.

drama: The posted emergency call attests to a high level of conflict between Gabe Pettito, 22, and her fiancé, Brian Laundry, 23, before they were stopped by police on August 12. Reporter: Marte Nyløkken Helseth / Dagbladet TV.
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The well-marked mother adds:

Nobody expects such things to happen. It’s a shame it ended the way it did. I just hope she wasn’t in pain.

Gabe’s family previously said they received their last sign of life from their daughter on August 25 – something they usually receive every day.

Do you remember what you said to her the last time you spoke?

– My last words were “I love you”. Her last words to me were “I love you too,” Gabe’s father, Joseph Pettito, on 60 Minutes Australia.

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– to torture

The family says she was on good terms with Laundry before the couple went on a road trip.

– He was a nice guy. He was quiet but always polite. Mother says he loved the family, and he was reading books to our youngest child.

Now, however, the relationship has changed. Despite the fact that the 23-year-old is not charged with the murder, Gabe’s family believes that Laundry was involved in the daughter’s death. So they react strongly to the fact that he is hiding.

the video: US police have released a new video in connection with the murder of 22-year-old Gabi Pettito, which shows she may have been executing the hand signal for help. Video: Moab Police Department. Reporter: Julie Tran/Dagbladet
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– He’s a coward. Mother says: I want him to be punished for his actions.

Nicole Schmidt and Joseph Pettito have also been several times In the throat of my father LaundryHe accused them, among other things, of helping their son escape. Recently, many of the Laundry family’s neighbors mentioned that they So Brian and his parents set out in a caravan On the same day Pettito was reported missing. However, Chris and Roberta Laundry claim they don’t know where he is.

– It’s torture. It’s cruel if they find out something without telling us. And if they know nothing – but still do not say it – it hurts, too, says the father.

– It hurts to see

On July 2, Gabe Pettito and Brian Laundry began the journey in a white van that had been converted into a mobile home.

On August 12 – two weeks before the last sign of life – worried witnesses alerted police and said they saw a man beating a girl in Moab, Utah. It turned out to be Pettito and Laundry. On the same day, police stopped the couple on their way to Arches National Park. Video footage from police officers’ cameras Uniform, shows very upset Petito who quarrels with his girlfriend.

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How did you feel watching these videos?

– It hurts. I just wanted to jump across the screen and save it, says the mother in the interview.

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