Putin urges us – VG

Putin urges us - VG
Peace: The Iveby couple live near the beach, where a potential invasion force can land.

GOTLAND (VG) people want more information about the situation, but do not think that Russia is serious about occupying Sweden’s largest island strategically located in the Baltic Sea.


– The Armed Forces do not provide us with enough information about what they are doing, says 74-year-old Margaret EVB. She and her husband Ake have a house 75 meters from the Tofta beach, where any Russian landing ship is expected to make landfall.

– Åke Iveby (74) says that at least the Swedish navy conducts exercises, directs landing crafts on the beach and simulates attack. The retired policeman says he is calm and thinks Russian forces will take a lot to capture Cotland.

– But in the global context you have to make all the reservations. That is why we warmly welcome the Swedish players who are now stationed here in Gotland. AK says Russian President Vladimir Putin provoked us by sending ships to land very close to Cotland in the Baltic Sea.

If not for the direct fear and apprehension of the Russian attack on Godland, the characteristics of those we speak of, we still feel a kind of insecurity. More with ordinary residents than local authorities.

Sleeps safely at night

Emergency Preparation: Annely Perkolm Soder leads the local area of ​​Gotland Emergency Preparedness during an alien force invasion.

– We rule Cotland County and work closely with the Armed Forces. There is a big meeting move between local and Swedish authorities. Everyone is drilled into the practices and everyone knows what to do during any event. But I assure you both at Gotland and at VG that we can all sleep safely at night, says Anneli Bergholm Søder, deputy district chairman in Gotland, before rushing to board the plane for an important meeting in Stockholm.

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She will not say what will be discussed at the meeting, but it will not make any different contradictions if we assume that the security situation in Gotland and the details surrounding it will be a major topic.

Have enough weapons

Prepared by: During World War II, Gotland was heavily prepared.

Just beyond the Iveby couple’s house is a World War II bunker, a reminder that the people of Cotland are always ready for unauthorized persons to enter the island from the Baltic Sea.

Pelle Sæv, 68, walks daily on Tofta Beach and says he is better prepared than most if there is a military attack on Gotland from the east.

He and a group of friends from the Kayts and the Hunting Club supported the deployment of several soldiers by the Armed Forces, but feared that their resistance to the military superiority of a major force was not sufficient.

– We have plenty of weapons, we know we can protect family, neighbors and loved ones if the Russians knock on the door, I assure you it’s serious, we do not want to sit quietly and watch. Someone is taking Cotland from us. That will never happen, says the Rosie boy. His house was not far from the palace where the Swedish soldiers were staying.

Arms shop: Belle Save, 68, says he is part of a watchdog group that is preparing for war in the event of a Russian invasion of Gotland.

A lot can happen at once

An official in Swedish Defense, who did not want to be named, told VG that what was happening in Cotland was related to what was happening between Russia, Ukraine and NATO.

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– Special on what’s happening now, Compared to previous threats Against Gotland, a lot is happening at once. Six Russian landing moorings that landed in the waters around Cotland a week ago have now migrated further south off the Norwegian coast. The officer did not respond negatively that there was a real fear that something might happen in the Swedish Armed Forces.

From another group, it is reported that the so-called VG exercise is completely different. “They don’t train, they prepare. In this case, it’s something completely different,” the source said.

Oscar Johnson, a researcher and war historian, tells Vijay that he understands that this will cause a kind of unrest among the people of Gotland.

– But the truth is, what happens is unusual, but not serious. It is right that the Swedish Armed Forces should adapt to the situation and they should handle it properly. Increased tension in Europe has led to unrest in the Baltic Sea, Johnson says.

Cotland is the next step

– If one imagines that Russia wants to control the Baltic Sea on a much larger scale than they have already done, Godland is the next step in an offensive. If Gotland were a base, Russia would be completely dominant, says Jan Hallenberg, a foreign policy firm based in Stockholm to Dagens Nyheter.

He emphasized that the decision to invade Russia was not a signal of a formal antitrust inquiry into Russia, but rather a signal of a formal antitrust inquiry into Russia.

– John Hollenberg believes that a Godland under Russian occupation will seriously weaken NATO’s efforts to stand against Russia.

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We went home: – We came back to Coatland to make a living for the kids and us. Emily and Anton Lange say Stockholm is not a place for children.

We meet a young family who recently moved in after 12 years of living in Stockholm, in the modern center of Visby, the beautiful medieval city of Visby, the capital of Cotland.

– Of course we feel a certain uneasiness, but we both grew up here and we can still live a better life here with our little ones. The security policy situation is a bit special right now and we are not afraid, says Anton Lange (33). His wife Emily (33) agrees.

– But we both missed the best information about what was really going on and what was different from previous tense situations from the Armed Forces, says Emily Lange.

– But if something serious happens in Gotland with its strategic location, it will be bad, but we are sure it will pass and Anton lifts little Olivia (5) before rolling over to Love (2).

Filming field: High-secret arrangements are being made for a Russian invasion of Cotland, at worst, within the TOFTA training area.
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