Comments: Extreme Temperatures: Finally a cool summer

Comments: Extreme Temperatures: Finally a cool summer

I woke up today in Oslo to 9 plus degrees and overcast. Hooray, I thought.

This is ridiculous. Let me explain. Like every Norwegian, I love summer, sun and heat. However, not what many would like to believe.

No, I'm a native of Pakistan and I can't stand a lot of chillies and 40 plus degrees.

Return to Oslo and the Southeast.

May was far from pretty and gentle. If we're lucky in Norway, it's warm and toasty like July. End of August if one is available Indian summer.

But May was very hot. On days where the thermometer read 28 degrees where we were, I didn't think about it being too hot until my one-year-old cat had mild heat stroke. He had to be taken to the vet for two consecutive days. I cried uncontrollably.

I thought he was going to die. It was so scary. He's in a big place, my little cat. He had his mouth open, tongue sticking out, dilated pupils and shallow breathing.

He had everything he needed in theory to stay cool: shade, a cool house, plenty of water, and a food mother to take care of him. Like a frantic first-time mother with a newborn.

But my cat is not made for cuddles. It is a breed of Siberian cat. He is made for extreme cold, with his three layers of wool. He still has to deal with a temperature of 27-28 degrees.

Nevertheless, he became overheated and ill. It went well. Fortunately.

But through this spooky intimacy, I was reminded that when the sun finally shines, you can wear summer clothes, eat ice cream, and soak up the sun deep down.

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Global warming.

That “May was very hot» Globally not happy with temperatures 7 degrees above normal in northern, western and southern Norway. That the world is really feverish. That humanity has made the world sick.

If the planet is very sick, it will make us humans, animals, my cat and all living things sick accordingly.

Scientists have measured the hottest May ever recorded on Earth. Monkeys fall like apples from trees in Mexico. Countries around the Equator traditionally experience devastating heat well before the hottest days of the year.

A heat wave is currently hitting the southern part of the United States. In India, heatstroke has killed dozens of people. A few days ago, the capital New Delhi must have measured an inhumane 52.9 degrees.

Measurement is discussed. But what is not discussed is that India has never experienced a similar and prolonged heat wave before.

No one escaped. Europe and Norway do not. A repeat of last year is expected. classified Heat records, extreme heat waves and massive floods.

The world has become unbearable in some places.

Savory in the north: The north of the country has finally got warmer temperatures. It was 22 degrees in Alta on Thursday this week. This picture was taken in Tromsø on May 26. Photo: Line Muller / VG

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres believes that “climate is off the highway to hell.” That discharge probably isn't.

It goes Almost certainly It will pave the way for the global temperature to increase by more than 1.5 degrees.

To control temperature rise 1.5 degrees is a climate target e.gOr a united world since 2015. This is to avoid irreversible damage.

Nearly ten years later, researchers believe this goal is nearly impossible to achieve. On the contrary, they fear an increase of 2 degrees. This means:

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More extreme weather, less food production, permafrost, more species disappearing, coral reefs dying, seas rising, land sinking, and billions of people directly affected.

It sounds far-fetched, but it's not.

“There is an 80 percent probability that annual average global temperatures will temporarily exceed pre-industrial levels by 1.5 degrees in at least one year over the next five years”This is stated in a recent report by the World Meteorological Organization (WMO).

In fact, it's this big, dystopian picture that gets up to 9 degrees and rains in Oslo in June.

The world is hotter than a cat is overheated.

However, the big problem with the climate crisis is that it is so close, yet so intangible. Size will be disabled. The solutions are so radical that they are impossible to implement.

In such a situation one does one's best.

It is easier to cool a cat than to cool the globe.

It is an opinion. Comment expresses the writer's position.
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