– Snow, Snow and Rain – V.G

– Snow, Snow and Rain – V.G
White: This photo was taken by a road camera of the National Road Administration on the E18 Østerholtheia in Agder before 7 p.m.

It is raining in much of southern Norway and “all the ploughmen” are on the roads.

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The first snowfall of the winter is causing major traffic problems this year on Monday morning.

– Precipitation occurs in large areas of southern Norway. It comes in the form of snow, ice and rain, Vegtrafiksentralen South writes in a Twitter message.

They write that there are large local differences.

– We recommend that all motorists wear shoes and drive according to the conditions. All the tillers are ready to take action.

– Drive carefully with consideration, they conclude.

The Norwegian Road Transport Center reports snow in Vestfold and Telemark and advises people to drive according to the conditions.

– There is snow in the middle of the road. E18 and snow – then you should take it easy. We are out with salt and sprinkles, transport operator Inge Bjørnerud tells VG.

He says you shouldn’t drive without winter tires.

– You must be very suitable for the conditions. E18 has a 110 zone, but you can’t have it in many places, says Bjornerud.

Snow: This photo of the E18 Vassbotn in Agder shows white on the road.

Too many accidents already

Motorists are already out of luck in the mornings. At Øvre Eiker, several cars were involved in a traffic accident around 06.30. No injuries were reported, but the slippery conditions must have occurred on the spot, police said.

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– Three cars involved. The two cars that collided and the car that swerved to avoid the collision, write at 07.27.

Merete Kvaal, Operations Manager in the South East Police District, informs VG before 07.30 that they are working on five traffic accidents.

Accidents were reported in the short term in Drummen, Skåne and Honefoss. Police said no one was injured.

Some of the accidents this morning:

  • At 06.30 the Sør-East police district received a report of a traffic accident in Øvre Eiker. There were so many photos involved that it was slippery on the spot.
  • At 06.31, Eastern Police District reported that a car had driven into the guardrail on the E18 at Askimporton Tunnel. Must have slipped on the spot.
  • At 07.00 the Sør-East police district received a report that a car had been driven onto the bridge.
  • At 07.22, another accident was reported to Sør-Öst. It is between a car and a bus.
  • At 07.24 the Sør-East Police District received a report that a car had crashed into a rock face at Hønefoss.

The accident at Askimporton happened just before the tunnel.

Vegtrafikksentralen öst reports that the left lane is closed in the direction of Oslo.

– The Øst police department writes on Twitter that a car has crossed the safety lane and stopped in the left lane.

Road users are requested to drive carefully.

– Starting point is very smooth road. You should drive according to the conditions and change winter tires. We had another accident in the county where the road surface was said to be dry, so it may be location-specific, project manager Randy Naimon tells Zahren VG.

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– Berger has just arrived and the traffic is passing carefully on the right track. Zahran tells 06.59 that the accident happened just before the entrance to the tunnel on the way to Oslo.

He says there were no injuries related to the crash.

Yellow hazard warning

The Norwegian Meteorological Agency has issued a yellow warning for snow in parts of Aktor from Monday afternoon to Tuesday afternoon.

– 10-30 centimeters of snow will fall locally in parts of Aktor from Monday afternoon to Tuesday afternoon. The probability is higher in Kristiansand and coastal areas eastward, but forecasts are relatively uncertain about rainfall amounts and locations, the Met Office writes. Notice.

The alert is called a yellow alert, which corresponds to a moderate level of risk. Long journey times on some journeys and effects of difficult driving conditions locally are expected.

– Calculate extra time for traffic and driving. Use the right tires and drive according to the conditions. Meteorologists write that emergency responders must continually assess the need for preparedness.

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