Report from the honey jar

Report from the honey jar

Guest Comment: Imagine the fortune of living in one of the richest municipalities in the richest country in the world. The wealth in Sultal is palpable no matter where you turn. Not surprisingly, some are jealous and feel the municipality should be sharing more.

Lately, money has flowed into Suldal. Mayor Gerd Helen Bø and other politicians are as financially comfortable as few. But money can’t solve everything.
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Like other rich people, Sultahl can’t go to Switzerland because the long fingers of the state are looking for the money pot.

Last year, the municipality of Suldal spent NOK 274 million. If you divide the 3,800 of us who live in the country’s largest electrified municipality, that comes to NOK 72,000 per person.

Is it too much? Reindeer pastures, hunting lodges, salmon and river fathers to sacrifice…

As reported by K.S. Suldal was the municipality with the largest economic objective in Rogaland last year Beaten only by Agra at national level.

Suldal made a major contribution to value creation, light and heat in Norwegian land. As all wealthy municipalities are obliged to do through the income equalization system, the municipality also shares. Nevertheless, there is a common desire for these municipalities to share across the state or even more By connecting with poorer neighboring municipalities.

No Fjordland here, no!

Six days a week, my parents and many elderly people living at home deliver food at their doorstep. Smoky fresh, freshly prepared food with all kinds of accompaniments. And there is always dessert. The food is prepared in a kitchen in Winjarheim in Sultsalsosen. The menu is very varied and everything is made fresh with recipes adapted to the older generation. Because old people will have good time in Suldal.

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So a nursing home resident who was about ten years younger than me had to give up his life. This spring, the nursing home was demolished bit by bit by large excavators. A substantial construction gap remains, and over the next two years, a state-of-the-art nursing home will be built at a cost of NOK 424 million. The project progressed 130 million budgeted feet, but this can be taken directly by Suldal.

Sult can afford a Rolls Royce. Elected officials adorn themselves with words like Sulthal standard. In Suldal, we have a cultural center and a quality library that matches a few smaller municipalities. To the rear is a luxurious outdoor patio in stone. We have two sports halls and not the Suldal pad, which is designed for both swimming and swimming.

Without noise, the municipality is becoming a laboratory for solar power. Solar panel installers swarm around Suldal in large numbers. Rooftop solar panels are available on both residential buildings and commercial buildings due to favorable municipal support schemes. More people in the hydropower mecca are looking to solar to lower their electricity bills for the winter.

You also get municipal support for installing heat pumps. Sultahl shares his home and cottage with Sult Beer and shows how a society needs to harness energy and produce in a new and smarter way.

Students have Apple tablets in their bags, no cheap Chromebooks here. The municipality is sparsely populated and sparsely populated, but one can carry seven kindergartens.

The municipality’s slogan is enough.

Reverse of wealth

Then the question arises. Can one become very rich? No doubt I have more money than people. In the school halls of very small schools, there should be more sportsmen. Suldal is more money than the ferry route. More money than safe roads.

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Money can’t buy prosperity, prosperity comes from people. If you are very rich, don’t choose. One can become lazy, grouchy, whiny and spoiled. People who want grants for you and you from Ulla Forre Business Fund.

In Suldal, politicians must always remind themselves to get rich in a peaceful way, because if one is too extravagant, the government can come and take more of the income.

Of course, the Sultan was rich. But there are certainly more people to thank for our natural resources. For example, Lyse and Røldal and Øvre Suldal are very fond of the wealth created. The values ​​created by the water here go to the municipalities in Rogaland and become the interests of thousands of people.

The Sultan is a money machine for the country and for us living here. Suldal became a power center after Ullah For. Now the municipality may be on the threshold of a new energy adventure – or dream – depending on the eye of the beholder. However, Suldal’s prosperity in all its forms gives the municipality a unique position to continue as an energy hub, an aptly named green transition built on the shoulders of even more green energy, hydropower.

Examples of this are “for all” solar panels and projects for offshore wind turbines and hydrogen production. And one that no one has thought of yet.

The future is also bright with Rich Sult. But no one is charmed by the Sult, who is always the poorest of the people. So far, neither wealth nor beautiful scenery has been able to compensate for aging and thus labor shortages. Perhaps neither is the government District Notification, People who want to live far away.

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Konfektöskja is open

Becoming the last port of call for elderly refugees who report to a Rolls-Royce nursing home in a dusty year is not sustainable. You need to attract talented people who can further build the society. What about using some of the wealth to increase the wages of important professions such as nurses, teachers and craftsmen? What about building generous housing plots on useless land? How to create more office communities for freelancers?

Because Sulthal wants to share. But I want to share where I am. Konfektöskja is open to everyone at our table. If you see the point in digging your way to the top of a mountain, there is always a move to use your strength.

We want to bring in people who can stand shoulder to shoulder with us in the fight for survival and care for the danger of the boat and the race. For school and sports team. Because living in a small community means you get to experience that nice cokewheel feeling that comes with being passionate about something. Wealth is greater than everything else.

If the last man turns off the lamp in Suldal, the light will literally go out.

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