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During this year’s “71°N – Norway’s Strongest Celebrity” season, a trio was formed that was perhaps somewhat elusive. Comedian and TV personality Vegard Ylvisåker (43), wrestler Fritz Aanes (44) and former “Ex on the Beach” participant Christian Brynhofvd (23) I quickly discovered tone during a televised competition.

After they ended up on the same team on the TV show, it wasn’t long before Line Andersen (49) dubbed them ‘Team testo’, which the 43-year-old thought was fun.

– For me, as a little snob, it was very cool to join a group called “Team testo”. I feel like I’m in for lost time, Ylvisåker tells Nettavisen.

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Despite the fact that the three friends lead completely different lives, they manage to stay in touch after the outdoor adventure is over. But with hectic family and work lives, it’s not always easy for the trio to get along.

– I don’t like him very much

– We keep in touch all the time, but we don’t hang out all the time now, Ylvisåker tells Nettavisen.

According to Aanes, most communication takes place through letters, and when there is time, they like to get together and come up with something.

– Today we are three friends who meet occasionally when we have time. Vegard and I have families, so how much we can spend our free time with is a bit limited, says Aanes.

As mentioned, the trio got to know each other well through the TV show, and Ylvisåker doesn’t hide that he was a bit surprised that he got on so well with Brennhovd and Aanes. But he thinks it’s great that they’re a group of friends.

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– We came from completely different places, and this trio was not very bearable. But when we’re together, we notice that things flow so smoothly on set, says the 43-year-old.

He makes a lot of stupid choices

It was particularly unexpected for Ylvisåker and Brennhovd to get along so well. The reality star, who is 20 years younger than Ylvisåker, originally thought they wouldn’t have anything in common.

But it’s precisely the disparity and imbalance in the collection that Ylvisåker finds truly amusing. He and Aanes are of the same age and both have families, while Brennhovd is younger and lives a different lifestyle than the others.

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– Christian makes many stupid choices, and it’s really fun to tell him about it, and Ylvisåker laughs and continues:

– But at the same time, he is smarter than one might think, judging by the stereotype in which he is placed.

Brynhofvd previously told Nettavisen that he wasn’t ready for the close friendship between him and the 43-year-old. The duo has, among other things He joked that Ylvisåker had become almost a father figure to him.

– I want to be like Vegard when I grow up, he’s living the life I want to live in two years’ time, said Brennhovd.

Doubt the promise

Brennhovd now has plans to make some changes in his life, now that he’s put his “Ex on the Beach” period behind him. previously said The online newspaper said he had completely finished the “scandal program”.but he still participated in this year’s “Ex on the Beach” season.

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Brennhovd said recently on a podcast “Shit chatting with Hale” to change his lifestyle and cut certain things from his “old” real life. Ylvisåker is keen to see if the 23-year-old can keep his promise.

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– I think we might have to be very active with him if we want him to implement this lifestyle change. Ylvisåker says he tends to slip into this mess again.

Vegard Ylvisåker and Fritz Aanes were at the premiere party of the fall season of “Ex on the Beach.” It was an out of the ordinary experience for Ylvisåker:

There’s no doubt that the 23-year-old looks up to Ylvisåker, and the comedian doesn’t think it’s unlikely that Brennhovd was inspired by him.

– I think he’s so quick that he realizes he has things to learn from others. I think he takes things from the people he looks up to.

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