This is how victims and their relatives are treated

This is how victims and their relatives are treated

The Kansberg community is at least strongly affected thereafter Five people were killed and two were injured in what became known as the Kansberg Center on Wednesday night.

– This is a horrible incident, nothing else to say. Mayor Carrie Anne Sand (SP) tells TV2 that now we should try to maintain as many people as possible.

The Gyldenløve Hotel is now used as a center for relatives and others affected by the incident. Here they have the opportunity to meet with the municipal crisis team, relatives of police, meet other health workers and talk to priests.

Relationship Center: Relatives and others affected by the incident are meeting crisis groups at the KildenLive Hotel in the Kansberg Center. Photo: Martin Leighland / TV2

– We welcome those who want to talk and those who have experienced things they have not experienced, to be close to relatives or tragic events, the mayor says.

She has no overview of how many people are in the hotel now.

– We try to protect them a little so they can go to their own rooms, she says.

The local community emerges

Sand describes the local community in Kansberg as a completely ordinary community of completely ordinary people.

– I’m sure it’s going so deep for people, because most people might have thought it could not happen here.

– Mayor, how can you enjoy such a thing in Kansberg?

– It’s completely unthinkable, but now we’re done with this tragic situation, so we have to deal with it, it’s now getting more knowledge about those who were injured and killed, so we should try to help relatives and those in the environment with the help and assistance they need in the best possible way, says Sand.

She hopes the local community will do what they can to help.

– I think the Kansberg community is being shown in every possible way, we have a good system, but it is clear, it will not bring life back, it does not, she says.

Attack inside the co-op shop

The first report of the incident was received by the police at 18.13 on Wednesday night. The arrested person went to large areas, including the Coupe Extra store in the Kansberg center.

None of the employees were injured: Coop says none of the employees were physically injured after the incident inside the store.

Staff No Photo: Eric Edland / TV2

– We can confirm that a serious incident has occurred in our store. We can also ensure that none of our employees are physically injured. Silpe Verlo Alici, Coupe Norway’s communications consultant, says what we are worried about now is the best way to track employees.

Among those injured in the incident was a police officer who was inside the shop.

– This is a tragic event and it is very sad what happened, says Alicia.

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