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Solnedgang over Verdalselva ved Bjartnes

On January 5, Nikolai Astrobe (H) spoke out in support of “soft power development” in several protected waters, and set fire to a debate that led to protests and accusations.நெட்வொர்க்கிரன்னி»And Unprecedented racer Norwegian is natural.

At the same time, the party announced that it would return with them Concrete Proposals for which waterways will lose their status as protected. Today 390 Waterways protect from growth.

Now that the list is ready, she looks like this:

  • Opo in Ullensvang, Westland
  • Vosavastrajet, Westland
  • Granvinsvassdraget, Westland
  • Eikedalsvassdraget, Westland
  • Flåmsvassdraget. Westland
  • Strainovastrojet, Westland
  • Gjengedalsvassdraget, Westland
  • Lukjelsvassdraget Edney, in the Westland
  • Verdalsvassdraget, Trondelag
  • Vefsnavassdraget, Nordland

Gjengedalsvassdraget is not technically protected, but refused to create in 2018. In addition, there is a bunch on the list “Candidate” For example, in Opland and Hedmark where the Conservatives do not want to go out.

The listing host met with opposition

We have seen watersheds that can preserve natural values ​​and good salmon management while growth provides vital flood protection, he says.Conservatives’ Energy Policy Spokesman, Bård Ludvig Thorheim.

He said the list was controversial and would face opposition.

– It is doubtfully healthy, but the appearance and safety values ​​of the Nidros Cathedral have been modernized without deteriorating, he says.

MDG politician Raund Ismail said in January that it was like expanding into protected waters. River Nitaros Cathedral “Because politicians in Trondheim suddenly discovered they needed a new shopping center.”

Thorheim adds:

The power should benefit the local community. We see how important renewable energy is for new green industry companies locally.

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He estimates that smooth growth in protected waterways can provide up to 5 TWh per year “without compromising the natural values ​​that underlie conservation”.

NVE Director Kjetil Lund said NRK it “Rarely There is a lot of power in protected waterways that do not go into the tenderloin of Norwegian nature.

EPO-Making: Historically, the struggle for multiple watersheds has shaped our identity for nature lovers from generation to generation.

– Flume protection can be effective as a “brake rod”.

January 11 Worse Eleven Environmental and External Organizations Prime Minister Jonas Kar Store (Labor Party). Capture Prevent hydrolysis in protected waters.

Arguably, flume protection would be useful as a “brake rod” to drill water protection.

The appeal came after Derje Osland of the Labor Party, chairman of the Energy and Environment Committee in Storting. Said The Energy Commission “should see if it can expand further into what is protected”.

Minister of Climate and Environment Espen Barth Eide (Labor Party) is on the page Rejected This should be part of the Energy Commission’s mandate. It is not yet clear who will sit on the commission and when the work will begin.

Minister of Petroleum and Energy Marte Emjos Person has also tried “Dead that ball.”

She wins N.R.K. He said he would not “propose to improve protected waters”, but at the same time “may see some developments related to flood protection.” But security values ​​need to be taken into account. “

The implication is that there is no flum protection and safety To Will be mutually exclusive. A preface to that Not at all Accept.

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– The store is less transparent

Prime Minister Jonas Kar reiterated the store message Question time In Storting last week.

“Waterway safety needs to be fixed”, To do He stressed that the “Flam and FlamTemping theme” should come only where safety values ​​are set.

This is the unresolved insurance of SV President Audon Lisbach:

– I feel the store is much less clear than in person, he says Pergens Tidende.


According to the rules: – Flame and Flamtemping should operate only where safety values ​​are set, says Prime Minister Jonas Kare Store.

Photo: Torstein Po / NTP

To do Class struggle Olve Grotle (H) Kowler, a former Sunnfjord mayor and now a Member of Parliament, said it was natural to look at the waters with new eyes (not on the river list as mentioned above).

This river is the largest protected today and was subject to a tug of war for many years before it was protected.

Ingunn Kjelstad is a landowner in Kowler and is involved in the protection of the waterway.

– Priority should be given to using energy more efficiently, rather than removing protected water bodies, he says.

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