Nobody likes Teddy Bear, Erling Borgen

Nobody likes Teddy Bear, Erling Borgen

Well-known documentary maker and former NRK journalist Erling Borgen was inspired by NRK and Tore Strømøy’s “Nobody Loves Bamsegut”, which tells the story of Jan-Egil Granfoss and his family’s challenges in returning home from the Philippines.

After generating great interest, the series was withdrawn because NRK did not mention Granfoss’ conviction against him 32 years ago for sexually abusing children. The series was the subject of “The Debate”, which aired on Tuesday on NRK tonight.

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“Bamsecut” activist Friedrich Solvang thundered: – Can’t be condemned for life

– The first thing that strikes me, which I think is incredibly funny, is that neither the broadcast manager nor Torey Stromoy participated in the program, did not answer what happened, and the creator of the program did not explain how he behaved and what. He’s thinking now, now feeling uncomfortable.

Borgen, an NRK veteran, has been teaching social critical documentaries at Høgskolen i Innlandet since 2008.

– If any of the students had made this mistake and handed it in, I think they would have failed, Borgen says.

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The head of NRK did not participate in the “debate”: this is her answer

– Totally incomprehensible

– Isn’t it normal for a broadcast manager to delegate the task of talking about the subject to people who were close to the documentary before it came out?

I think the case has become so big that the broadcasting director should speak on behalf of NRK, Borgen responds.

When asked if it is correct that the authors, not Torre Strömöy, are responsible for what he created, Borgen says:

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– No, I totally disagree with that, Borgen says, I have made 70-75 documentary series and I have always had the opportunity to defend and explain myself about controversial documentaries.

He also points out that Strömöy has worked on the case for years, and he has responded to criticism in a reader post in Aftenposten.

– I think it’s completely incomprehensible that he didn’t come forward and explain how he worked.

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NAV Reacts to “Mistakes” in Bamsecut Documentary: – Will Talk to NRK About It

– Who is responsible here, NRK or Tore Strømøy?

– Borgen replied that NRK management decides what NRK should publish.

– NRK is completely flat

Tuesday’s debate featured both NRK’s ​​district editor Marius Lillian and Media House’s ethics editor Per-Arne Kalbach. Both of them swooned for NRK’s ​​release.

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Reputation Expert:- N.R.K

NRK’s ​​district editor Marius Lillian said, among other things, that they did not think the verdict against Granfoss would be made public.

– We thought it would never come to light. In the clear light of hindsight, this turns out to be a naïve assessment and a miscalculation.

Ethics editor Kalpak also spoke about how NRK insisted that during the release, they should consider Cranfoss and the family rather than considering those who were abused by Cranfoss.

– This is a wrong decision. It’s a real consideration for the family and especially the son, an innocent decision about how it will turn out.

Erling Borgen says about how NRK responded to the broadcast:

– NRK is completely flat. I think Lillian answered herself well.

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The Broadcasting Council received 193 complaints about “Teddy Bear”.

Not sure if the series should be deleted permanently

Netavison editor Eric Stephenson was also a guest on the “discussion”. He previously argued that the series should not be republished.

During the broadcast, he called the series an ethical short circuit. Borgen immediately disagreed with Stephensen’s claim that the series should not be republished.

– Without seeing how NRK will change what is clearly wrong in the documentary, I do not accept it without further concern, Borgen says.

and adds:

– It’s about what they want to do. This is very important.

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