They threw a rocket into the theater

They threw a rocket into the theater

When cinema exploded on the screen, so did the theatre.

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When the Christmas horror comedy “There’s Something in the Barn” premiered at the Odeon in Oslo on Saturday night, a rocket launched into the theater was extra special.

It was about a small New Year’s rocket, said one of the cinemagoers, Viji:

– There was a little bang and smoke when the rocket took off, she says.

– but no one really reacts, while a shed explodes in the film. We thought it was a special effect in cinema.

As they were leaving the hall after the film, the audience saw the remains of the rocket and the police were called, he says.

– It was a little scary because the hall might have caught fire.

OH CHRISTMAS WITH YOUR... ROCKET: This year's Christmas horror was extra scary for some moviegoers on Saturday.  Picture from picture.

A police report should be considered

– There is a situation in the cinema where you walk into a cinema and set off some firecrackers with green effects, says Jan Einar Sivertsson, Commercial Director of Odeon Cinema.

– We spoke to people inside the hall and no one was injured. Indoor fireworks are not good. It’s unfortunate that it happened, but it looks like it went well.

They will consider a police report after speaking to staff.

– Let’s look at the surveillance cameras to see if we can identify them. We will consider it then, says Sivertson.

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He says there are guards on site.

– Together with the staff, they handle this. We leave guards in the theater for the whole evening, he says.

The film also received a 3 dice roll from the VG reviewer.

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