George Santos – Harbinger of Revenge:

George Santos – Harbinger of Revenge:

New York (Dagbladet): More than two-thirds of the House of Representatives voted to expel Republican Jorge Santos. This happened after the Ethics Commission concluded that Santos used campaign funds for private purposes.

Among other things, he reportedly used the money on trips to Atlantic City, Botox and OnlyFans subscriptions.

Raise eyebrows: George Santos had a rough start as a United States Congressman. Now there’s a new video that’s sparking speculation. Correspondent: Bjørgi Dale Johansen. Video: Interview with AP/Joao Fraga
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Strikes again

But now Santos is declaring his revenge.

– Why do I want to stay here? “To hell with this place,” Santos told the press after he was voted out of office, according to what the British newspaper “Daily Mail” reported. Watchman.

He describes the whole thing as a witch hunt and also warns that he will file complaints against his former colleagues for violating ethical regulations.

Santos entered Congress after last November’s elections and represented parts of Long Island and Queens. It quickly became clear that Santos had shaped large parts of his resume and background.

The accusation grows: – desperate

Later on Friday, Santos clarified this X He will file complaints against three other Republican congressmen from New York, Mike Lawler, Nicole Malliotakis and Nick Lalotta, as early as Monday. The three were the instigators of Santos’ expulsion.

However, the scandal-hit former elected representative did not provide evidence that any of the three had committed ethical violations.

“testicle courage”

In addition, he will file a complaint against Congressman Rob Menendez, the son of Democratic Senator Bob Menendez of New Jersey. The senator himself is accused of working as a foreign agent for Egypt. Here again, Santos does not mention anything specific about what he accuses Menendez of.

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Anyone has the opportunity to report ethics violations to congressional representatives. However, this does not automatically trigger an investigation.

A politician involved in a scandal was arrested

A politician involved in a scandal was arrested

Meanwhile, Santos also asked congressional Republicans to have “testicular courage” to fire Jamaal Bowman. Bowman is a Democrat from New York, who pleaded guilty and paid a fine for setting off a fire alarm in a congressional office building.

In the week before his dismissal, Santos launched a long series of attacks on other politicians.

– Drunk every night

Among other things, Santos called the head of the ethics committee, Michel Guest, a “vagina.”

-I have colleagues who are more interested in getting drunk every night with lobbyists who will sleep with them and pretend that none of us know what’s going on. They are selling out the American people. They don’t show up in the polls because they’re too drunk or something. Or they don’t attend and instead offer their card as candy so others can vote for them. This shit happens every week,” Santos said earlier this week yahoo news.

Santos is only the sixth person to be expelled from Congress in the entire history of the United States.

Trump's legacy

Trump’s legacy

Santos was also indicted earlier this year on 23 counts of corruption. He himself denies the criminal charge. He is accused in this case of embezzling public funds and lying about his assets, income, and debts.

– Overall, the charges in the indictment indicate that Santos relied on dishonesty and deception in order to get elected to Congress, as he wanted to enrich himself, prosecutor Brion Pace said at a court hearing in May, according to NTB.

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Santos himself claims to be a victim of a witch hunt.

Massive lies

After Santos was elected last November, it was revealed that he had fabricated large portions of his autobiography and family history.

He admitted to some of these lies in an interview with the New York Post.

Among other things, Santos lied about his college education. He lied when he said he worked for the financial groups Goldman Sachs and Citigroup. He lied, saying his mother died during the September 11 terrorist attack. He lied about being a volleyball star when he was in college. The Catholic Santos also claimed to be Jewish. When the lie was exposed, he claimed that he did not say he was “Jewish” but rather “Jewish” because he was of Jewish descent on his mother’s side.

Santos also claimed that his grandparents fled the Nazis during World War II. This wasn’t true either.

It is not yet clear what Santos will do in the future. Saturday Retweeted However, it has been suggested that he should become Donald Trump’s vice presidential nominee.

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