Maria Sophie Skogwol Andberg, Formen

Maria Sophie Skogwol Andberg, Formen

Maria Sophie Skogwol Andberg (23) rose to fame earlier this fall when she made her television screen debut on “The Farm.”

Recently, the 23-year-old revealed that she broke up after participating in the reality show, and now Andberg is back with a sensational revelation. In a Tik Tok video on his own channel, Andberg talks about the timing of the recording.

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– Before “The Farm” I was in a very unhealthy environment in Oslo, but after participating I was better at removing myself from the toxic party environment, Andberg says in the Tik Tok video.

Superficial friendships

Above Nettavisen recounts in a TV profile after “The Farm” and explains that he noticed his values ​​changed after farm life.

– Learned to appreciate more what you have in life and the good relationships you have. “Before recording, I was very social and liked to chat and get to know everyone,” says the 23-year-old.

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Andberg has been working as a bartender at Tiffany Oslo Bar since January. He himself describes the relationships you can get in the industry and in various party environments as superficial.

– There are a lot of party people in the nightlife industry, and many of the relationships you make in that environment can be very superficial. After “The Farm,” Andberg says, “I realized that I couldn’t afford to spend time on superficial conversations, but instead spent time cultivating good, intimate relationships with myself.”

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The 23-year-old said that the relationships you have in various party environments are often not as deep as you think, where alcohol and parties are often involved.

– You think you are good friends, but when you only attend parties, I realize that you don’t know much about each other. But then you don’t get to know each other very well, and then nothing feels particularly real or a deep relationship, says Andberg.

Frequently checked at work

Andberg says the time after “The Farm” was divisive and difficult, but things are looking up now. Being away from the party environment after the recording felt completely natural.

– When I came home from the farm, I felt that I had lost a part of my previous relationships. But it was great because it showed how superficial those relationships really are. “I still have real, good friendships,” says the 23-year-old.

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As the TV profile still works as a bartender, she has taken some precautions at work to avoid returning to an unhealthy environment.

– If I’m checked in at work I don’t give out my number and go straight home after my shift. I don’t drink alcohol when I work, and I tend to be professional, cheerful and service-oriented, explains Andberg.

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The 23-year-old says that it was only after her farm adventures started rolling on screen that she became more recognized at work.

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– There’s always someone who recognizes me from “The Farm” when I’m at work, which was really fun at first, but now it gets tiresome from time to time. Sometimes there have been very long conversations, and I don’t always have time when I’m at work, says Andberg.

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