Smooth roads lead to traffic jams in many parts of the country – VG

Smooth roads lead to traffic jams in many parts of the country – VG
Difficulty seeing: Conditions in E18 are unpredictable and change rapidly.

Snow and slippery roads in several places on Tuesday led to traffic accidents and closed roads. – Lower your shoulders and drive carefully, encourages the fire brigade in Westfold.


If you’re sitting in the car on the way home for Christmas, you can pay to drive extra carefully tonight. During the day, police reported several traffic accidents in eastern Norway and Trendelog.

– Then there was a little snow in eastern Norway and in some places there may be slippery roads. Drive according to conditions and maintain good distance. If you have not yet replaced winter tires, we hope the car is well parked at home, Vegtrafikksentralen st writes on Twitter.

– Changes quickly

On Tuesday afternoon, several crashes occurred on E18 in Homestrand.

At 16.17am, staff left Botnetunnelen after receiving a complaint that a car had run off the road.

– When we went out, it was really slippery from Homestrand and North. The car drove and turned, but ended up on all four wheels. Those involved appeared to be unharmed and we defended the scene of the accident, said Henrik Osberg, chief of fire at the Westfold Intermunity Fire Service.

– As we were on our way to this crash we saw another crash at the E18 exit south of Bendroot Crisis. We redistributed some resources and helped with both, Osberg tells VG.

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A cold wave is blowing across the country: here it is a white Christmas

The fire service comes with a call to all motorists:

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– Drive carefully, sugar ice E18 is very slippery and difficult to detect. People should think that conditions will change very quickly, even if it is okay to drive where you are now, then it may be different. Lower your shoulders and drive carefully. Now the most important thing is that Osborg tells Vijay that everyone will arrive safely before Christmas.

At 20.37, Vegtrafikksentralen reports a traffic accident between Vinterbro and Nygårdskrysset – Direction Askim on East E18. Bilberger is on the site, they say.

The Southeastern Police District reported a traffic accident at 16.12 on Paulertunnelen outside Larvik on E18.

– Need to talk about rear collision. A person is taken to the hospital for examination. They write that both vehicles involved must be recovered.

Many accidents in Trondelag

At Trondelag, the E39 has major traffic problems.

Søvasskjølvegen in Orkland was completely closed in both directions by a lorry blocking the road, police said on Twitter. Earlier, emergency services were removed as two cars collided on the same lane.

At 20.04am, the road was cleared and reopened to traffic, police said.

There have been several accidents in the area this afternoon. At 18.40, police said emergency services were evacuated after a car rolled over and lay on the side of a van in Orkland. The two men in the car got out.

– There are very slippery roads, they write.

At 19.34am, Vegtrafikksentralen announced the opening of the Trondheim direction after the recovery of the E39 car between Storsand and Viggjatunnelen.

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It is getting cold now

At 19.51, police in the interior wrote that emergency services were on their way to the scene after a car collided head-on with a truck on National Highway 3 in Øksna. No serious injuries. They write that it is very slippery and tell people to drive carefully.

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– We are manually routing the site, the police write at 20.30.

The occupants of the car were taken to hospital for examination.

At E6 on Ås, near Korsegårdskrysset, traffic was light at this time due to traffic accidents in the direction of Oslo. At 20, Vegtrafikksentralen st announces on Twitter that it is open to road traffic.

Sequence: E6 by Ås, south of Oslo, Tuesday evening.

– Poland

Vegtrafiksentralen has also noticed that driving conditions have changed,

Tomas Eriksen, transport operator at Vegtrafiksentralem, told VG on Tuesday afternoon that light snow was beginning to fall in Westfold, Telemark, Oslo and Wiegen, and that it was beginning to slip on Goodbrandstalen.

Erickson explains that driving this type of vehicle can quickly become dangerous.

– This light snow quickly polishes the roads. Nonetheless, we had no record of anything other than minor accidents. While many are in the home office, there is less traffic than usual now, he told Vijay on Tuesday afternoon.

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