Telenor | Responds to Telenor Compensation:

Telenor |  Responds to Telenor Compensation:

To receive compensation from Telenor for the ongoing conflict with TV 2, you have to do the work yourself. creates reactions.

It’s been three weeks since Telenor and TV 2 broke off negotiations and 550,000 TV 2 channels lost.

Men’s TV 2 loses tens of millions For every month that passes in the form of a loss in ad revenue and Telenor’s revenue, the telecom giant is in a different situation.

Telenor doesn’t pay anything for TV 2. It hasn’t done so since December 1. This saves Telenor. At the same time, they don’t reimburse customers until the customer themselves takes active action, says Lasse Gimnes, owner, general manager and communications consultant at Gimcom AS.

Telenor customers receive NOK 100 as compensation for each week that the T-We television service is not provided as agreed.

Customers in housing associations receive NOK 50 per housing unit and access 60 bonus points on Telenor pages that they can use on other TV channels and energy services.

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It may be Norway’s biggest TV conflict

In 2020, it was Get and TV 2 that failed to make the collaboration a success. Gimnes then estimated that you get nearly a million people each day to struggle in the cost savings. The provider did not offer monetary compensation, but rather points that you can use to purchase other services.

– While the Get conflict affected about 480,000 families, the current situation between Telenor and TV 2 affects about 550,000 private families. This may be Norway’s biggest TV conflict ever. They are the largest television distributor.

At the same time, Gimnes notes that 550,000 customers do not correspond to 550,000 people.

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A total of 1.2-1.3 million people were affected by this violation. What is clear is that Telenor is making money from this. If Telenor had not repaid the 100 kroner, they would have probably earned about one million kroner every day. James notes that because we don’t know how much they pay customers, it’s hard to give an estimate.

Telenor doesn’t want to give any exact numbers on how the company will be financially affected by the hack with TV 2, but the company gave the following comment to Nettavisen:

– Telenor does not profit financially from the situation, on the contrary, our accounts show red numbers. Although there are no content costs for TV 2 for a short time, the situation is very negative for our customers and our TV service in the long term. That’s why we’ve created a broad compensation solution, with access to more content and a lower bill, says Telenor CIO Amalie Knudsen for Nettavisen.

In addition, the company informed customers about the compensation solution via SMS, email, social media and TV screens.

Knudsen notes that many customers want bonus points as this gives access to watching movies and series from, among others, Discovery, HBO and Paramount at no additional cost. This is why they give customers this option.

Telenor doesn’t want to answer how many people have received compensation, or how much the company has saved by not paying TV 2 in the past three weeks. But they claim that the company does not profit financially from this situation.

Read Telenor’s full answer below.

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More difficult for customers in condominiums

This is because customers have to make an effort to get hundreds of dollars back.

Compensation is not automatically removed from the invoice. Instead, customers must log in to choose between cashback or points with Telenor.

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Very few often use such displays as they require their own efforts. If no one or very few people use it, Jimens adds, there may be reason to believe it could be a million kronor a day in profitability.

There are also other reasons why he thinks customers don’t use the show.

If you’re in a condominium, you don’t have the same opportunities to influence who delivers TV channels or electricity. You are locked out and you cannot change the resource that easily.

If you wish to receive compensation from Telenor, this must also go through the Condominium Board of Directors.

Ron Nicholassen, better known for, says he’s received comments from two readers that their co-owners don’t have the power to file for compensation.

– I think everyone should demand compensation. Don’t let Telenor scams get away with it cheaply. This applies to both private clients and clients in housing and condominium associations. My encouragement to ordinary people is to pay their board chairs, Nikolaysen tells Netavizin.

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Don’t make money on this

Telenor did not want to respond with any specific numbers about how many customers were awarded monetary compensation or how much the telecom giant provided in this breach.

– How much does Telenor save when TV 2 is not paid during this period?

– Being without rights to display TV 2 content to our customers is only negative. While there are no content costs for TV 2 for a short time, the situation is very negative for our customers and our TV service, and with the broad compensation solution, this is not something we benefit financially from, T-Us CIO, Amalie Knudsen, tells Nettavisen .

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Knudsen says Telenor has entered into negotiations with a willingness to invest in much more TV 2 content than the previous agreement.

“We feel we’ve put in a lot of effort financially, and we’ll do everything we can to agree on a new agreement as soon as possible,” Knudsen says.

How many customers accepted and accepted their offer of a refund of NOK 100?

– Instead of being compensated for lost channels daily in December, we chose to give a lump sum regardless of the number of days. All clients with whom we have a direct relationship can choose between 100 kroner or 60 points. We encourage all customers to sign in to my pages at To choose to offset points or krone, Knudsen answers.

As mentioned earlier, Telenor informed customers about the compensation solution via SMS, emails, social media and TV screens.

In addition, our customer service staff have helped many customers who do not use digital solutions. We have always focused on being clear, simple and providing added value to customers.

For information: Lasse Gimnes is the owner and general manager of the communications agency GimCom, and works frequently with various media and communications agencies. He has RiksTV and Amedia as clients for his communications agency. RiksTV is owned by TV 2 and Nettavisen is owned by Amedia.

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