Crimea, Center | Suffered grievous bodily harm after a knife attack in Torgata

Crimea, Center |  Suffered grievous bodily harm after a knife attack in Torgata

Past: The arrested man is in his 20s and was charged by police overnight.

– He has been charged with grievous bodily harm, but more charges cannot be ruled out, says head of crime Eivind Hundstad at the crime station in the Oslo police district.

He elaborates that the charge applies to injuries sustained by a man who has been assaulted and seriously injured in the upper body.

– He is still seriously injured, but not badly. Beyond today, we will give priority to investigating the accused, explains the crime boss.

A security guard was seriously injured at a nightclub. A knife was allegedly used by the accused and it is in police custody. Four others were injured, but they were sent to the emergency room instead of being sent to the hospital later in the evening.


Chief of Police Magnus Strande described the incident on Saturday evening as serious.

– The public controlled the criminal. He tells Avisa Oslo that there is no reason to believe it has nothing to do with pride.

Police received reports of a stabbing incident and an alleged violent fight at the scene.

– When the police come, ​​​​​​​​​​​​a person is held by several people, says Strande.

Do not enter the club

This may indicate that a fight has started over someone not being allowed into a pub in Stroget.

Then a knife must have been drawn, which was used vigorously, the task leader said.

Police believe this may be the motive behind the incident that took place on Sunday morning.

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– This is a strong hypothesis. The crime boss says you can say the incident is nightlife related.

There is nothing more to associate this incident with pride. It is said that there are several witnesses to the incident and the police have obtained video material for investigation.

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