Now dolphins are taking over Oslofjord – VG

Now dolphins are taking over Oslofjord - VG

On Monday, a school of dolphins was spotted in full swing in the Oslo Fjord, and marine biologist Fredrik Myhre has a clear appeal to anyone lucky enough to catch a glimpse.

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John-Eric Pauwels Smith, 56, called VG in ecstasy when he discovered masses of dolphins from his kitchen window.

– Now it’s boiling well in Drøbaksundet, dolphins everywhere!

Smith says he’s seen many types of marine mammals in Drøbaksundet over the past three years, everything from golden-sided dolphins and porpoises to humpback whales.

Have fun with animal life: John-Eric Pauwels Smith (56)

– I have seen the golden sided dolphins many times and it is very nice to see them jumping and playing in the boat, he tells Viji.

Smith says it has sparked a great interest in nature and life in the sea, and insists he thinks it’s a shame the animal life in Drøbaksundet isn’t more exposed.

– There is a story that wild animals are dead in Trobuxundate, because it is not.

He tells Viji that he often spends the night on a boat and that he has a slightly higher interest in wildlife and nature than average.

– Being in the midst of nature and experiencing great things is so much fun and sweet, says Smith.

KVITSJEVINGER: Marine biologist Fredrik Myhre tells VG that it looks like a pod of dolphin-like whites that seem to be taking over the Oslo fjord.

Friedrich Myhre, a marine biologist and head of the WWF World Wide Fund for Nature’s marine group, says the classic colors of the dolphin and dorsal fin indicate that this is a whiting herd.

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– At least these aren’t porpoises, he tells VG.

Myhre says the timing coincides perfectly with the last time a group of whites were present in the interior of the Oslofjord.

– In August 2019, there were at least 50 whiting in the inner Oslofjord, possibly searching for mackerel.

A school: There is a school of bottlenose dolphins foraging in the Oslo Fjord.

He says a lot of pelagic fish have entered the Oslo Fjord and there are good mackerel in many places. Pelagic fish are fish that live in open water. Myhre says he saw a lot of mackerel on the surface himself on Sunday, so it’s unlikely the dolphins were looking for food this time around.

– Myhre says it’s not entirely uncommon to see whitewash in the Oslo fjord, and when it happens it’s a majestic sight.

The marine biologist tells Viji that it’s not too unusual to see marine mammals in the fjord.

– This is more common than one might think, even in the Tropics. From time to time you can see porpoises, terns, terns and harbor seals. Sometimes the golden sided dolphin.

Dorsal fin: Here, a dolphin swims inland towards the Oslo Fjord with its dorsal fin clearly visible.

Myhre says that porpoises and harbor seals are most common along this stretch of coast, but there are also cases of killer whales and humpback whales, and of course walruses also visit.

Recently, the whole of Norway, for example, has become familiar with the walrus Freya, He was euthanized on Sunday.

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– Keep a safe distance

Because the shoal is a narrow passage in the Tropic, dolphins can come very close to land.

Do you have a request that people ask you to see dolphins around boats or on docks?

Myhre replied that people should enjoy the view if they are so lucky, but make sure to stay a safe distance from the dolphins.

– If dolphins are nearby, do not chase them and do not run the engine on the boat to avoid being damaged by the rotating propellers. The marine biologist concludes that propellers can seriously injure dolphins and, in the worst case, kill them.

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