Norway could be dragged into the war

Norway could be dragged into the war

– Russia will retain control of Ukraine, and Ukraine will seek closer cooperation with the West. The reason Russia wants control is that they do not want Ukraine to join NATO, something that NATO promised them.

Expert: Jaku M., Senior Researcher at NUPI. Katchimirsky. Photo: NUPI

This is how Jakub M. Godzimirski, a senior researcher at the Norwegian Institute of Foreign Policy (NUPI), summarizes the conflict in Ukraine as succinctly and succinctly as possible. Read more about the conflict later in the article.

When asked if Norway could be dragged into a war in Ukraine, he replied that we would be if NATO was directly involved.

– Norway has a 198 km long border with Russia, and 100 km from it, Russia is one of its most important military bases. He says that if Russia goes to war, it will cast a dark shadow over this neighborhood.

NUPI researcher There is no doubt that a possible war could affect relations between Russia and Norway.

– The war will have negative consequences for Norway. Even if you have a good neighborhood, there are limits to what you can accept from your neighbors.

Security chief Eirik Kristoffersen told TV 2 on Thursday The situation is “very serious” He said Russia had enough troops to occupy Ukraine at any time.

– Only when it affects us

Despite the tense situation on the border with Ukraine, according to experts, it is natural for most Norwegians not to worry.

– It’s far away. Rolf Marvin Bo Lindgren tells TV 2 that we care so much about our own backyard.

He is one of Norway’s foremost experts in personality psychology, and says that it is only natural that Norwegians in particular should not be particularly concerned about conflict.

– This is man. Family, then friends, then town apply to us. People think, “What in the world, I can do nothing about the conflict between Russia and Ukraine.” It is only when it affects us in a way that we become inclined towards it.

- We worry about it: Rolf Marvin Bo Lindgren is one of Norway's foremost experts in personality psychology.  Photo: TV2

– We worry about it: Rolf Marvin Bo Lindgren is one of Norway’s foremost experts in personality psychology. Photo: TV2

The psychologist uses the game as examples to take care of things that feel close.

– Why do you think the Norwegians suddenly became interested in chess? Why does curling interest go in waves? Now look at the Olympics, what sports are you interested in?

Lindgren believes it is natural for Norwegians to be interested in sports that Norway can assert itself.

– If there is a war and the conflict will affect the price of oil, so determining whether the price of petrol is 14 or 22 kroner per liter, you worry.

– Does that mean we humans are selfish?

– That’s how we live. We are affected by the surroundings, first the immediate surroundings. It is only natural that we should not worry about things we do not see that will have repercussions for us.

– Security mechanism

According to psychologist Benjamin Chilset, the Norwegians are fully aware that the conflict in Ukraine is dramatic, but there is a completely natural explanation for the fact that many do not think much about it.

– I think a lot about emotional distortions like investing and investing a lot of thoughts and energy into what is going on in the distance. I think it costs more than our actual orientation to what is going on.

- Man: Psychologist Benjamin Sylhet says that it is human to not worry about everything.  Photo: Fraud Sunday / TV2

– Man: Psychologist Benjamin Sylhet says that it is human to not worry about everything. Photo: Fraud Sunday / TV2

So he believes many people are developing a kind of security mechanism.

– When I talk to people, most people refer to what is going on between Russia and Ukraine, but you do not have the opportunity to go fully into that concern, so it becomes a kind of security mechanism that casually relates to what is happening in the distance. .

Sylhet thinks this is completely human.

– It’s completely natural for us to do this. It is human nature not to worry about everything. There are a lot of crises going on all the time and I think if we all took them inward many of us would have very strong health reactions to it.

According to Silset, people are good at not worrying before they worry.

– The outcome of this conflict may affect us in the future, but we do not yet know. So to worry about the possible negative consequences in the future, we can not do it. Because then we can not live life.

– People should worry

Julie Wilhelmson, a senior researcher at the Norwegian Institute of Foreign Policy (NUPI), works with Russia on foreign and security policy. He believes that Ola and Kari Nordmann have reason to follow the progress made in the Ukraine conflict.

– People should worry. The conflict over Ukraine is, in Russia’s view, part of the conflict with NATO. In a broader sense, if the conflict over Ukraine heats up, we do not know, then NATO will be subjected very quickly. Norway is a member of NATO, so Norway will be a part of it.

- Ukraine could be central: Julie Wilhelmson is a senior researcher at NUPI.  Photo: Ingvild Gjerdsjø / TV 2

– Ukraine could be central: Julie Wilhelmson is a senior researcher at NUPI. Photo: Ingvild Gjerdsjø / TV 2

Wilhelmson says Ukraine will be crucial to the relationship between Russia and NATO.

– Now a very large military exercise in Norway, the cold response, will begin soon, which will certainly prevent Russia.

– Therefore, it speaks of the importance of the development of this multifaceted conflict between Russia and NATO, which manifests itself in mutual military construction and in the stabilization of Europe from the Black Sea to the Parent Sea on the entire new East-West border. Ukraine could become a focal point for setting fire to this border.

In short, this conflict:

The conflict in Ukraine has been raging since 2014 and is now escalating again. NATO and Russia have mobilized troops along the border with Ukraine.

Conflict takes place in three stages: Within Ukraine, between Ukrainian authorities and groups between Russia, NATO and Russia (pro-Russian and anti-Russian).

Here are some points that summarize the conflict:

  • In 2013, the then President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych stated that there was no planned trade and cooperation agreement with the European Union. The decision sparked protests against the pro-Russian president. In February 2014, Yanukovych was ousted and an interim government established.
  • Shortly afterwards, armed pro-Russian forces seized control of the Crimean peninsula in southern Ukraine.
  • In March 2014, the Crimean people voted for secession, and Russia annexed the peninsula.
  • At the same time, pro-Russian separatists brought many parts of eastern Ukraine under their control. After organizing a referendum, the rebels declared independence for the Donetsk and Lukansk regions in May 2014.
  • Following this, fighting broke out between separatists and Ukrainian government forces. Ukraine accuses Russia of aiding separatists, but denies Russia.
  • In the spring of 2021, Russia stationed 100,000 troops on the border with Ukraine. A few weeks later, after talks between Russian President Vladimir Putin and US President Joe Biden, these were removed. But since November 2021, many Russian forces have been stationed there again, and the conflicts are now more tense than ever.
  • Russia fears Ukraine could become part of NATO, and NATO has promised Ukraine if they want to.
  • It is feared that the Russian invasion of Ukraine could turn into a major war as NATO goes in and fights Russia on the Ukrainian side. Norway is part of NATO and will thus engage in war.

    Sources: NTB / FN / NUPI

Moreover, according to a senior NUPI researcher, there is tension over whether a possible war could spread further in Ukraine.

– If the conflict over Ukraine heats up, the challenge is whether tensions in the region can be controlled or whether it can spread across this entire border.

– How can this affect the Norwegians without their knowledge?

– This is about our security. People living in northern Norway, on the border with Russia, at least notice it. It will be noticed by some that we will soon be conducting a major military exercise in Norway.

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