Electric car, NAF | Big test: So far, electric cars can drive after a 25-minute pause

Electric car, NAF |  Big test: So far, electric cars can drive after a 25-minute pause

If there’s one thing that’s really annoying about electric cars, it’s that you can’t stop at a gas station to fill up a tank in a few minutes.

Instead, you sometimes have to stop at a fast charger to recharge your battery. And then you want it to go fast.

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How far do you reach at the small station?

But the interesting thing is not how fast the electric car receives power from a fast charger, but how quickly it gets the power being charged.

Or in other words: if you have two electric cars, where one charges twice as fast as the other, it won’t help if the power consumption is twice as high at the same time.

And NAF wanted to know how far one could go in a perfectly average charge stop of 25 minutes.

How long does it take to charge an electric car to 80 percent It helps to know how to get to know your car better. But because electric cars have different battery sizes and different consumption, charging time isn’t in itself a good way to compare cars, explains Annette Berf, NAF’s director of electric vehicle testing.

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Two stand out clearly

– In testing, we charge cars at 80 percent. Two models charged so quickly that they reached 80 percent before 25 minutes had passed. It’s an Audi e-tron GT and a Porsche Taycan 4 Cross Turismo, says Berve.

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The two models are built on the same platform, with the same technical solutions.

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