Phenopolitics, Jens Nordahl | Huge jump in wine prices: – never seen before

Phenopolitics, Jens Nordahl |  Huge jump in wine prices: – never seen before

On Friday, we should prepare for a strong price shock in Vinmonopolet.

– There will be a price shock that we have not seen before in Venmonopolite, Ulf Dalheim writes in Vinpuls.

VinPuls has studied 11,209 price increases and found this out A total of 457 red wines, 342 white wines and 113 sparkling wines will see a price increase of more than 10 percent.

Prices are adjusted at Vinmonopolet three times a year.

Weak krone plays a big role

How does the weakness of the krona affect this strong rise in prices?

– That’s a very big part of the picture, but there are also higher prices for raw materials, higher prices for cardboard, glass, packaging and labor, says Vinmonopolet communications manager Jens Nordahl to Nettavisen.

Nordahl says that the “age of the animal” affects them strongly.

– Wholesalers decide the price, Nordahl explains.

– Do you expect a big breakthrough on Thursday?

– remains to be seen. But usually we don’t get that, that is. And in a typical week, Friday is twice as high as Thursday, says Nordahl.

up to ten percent

– Such a strong price hike – How long has it been since the last time?

– yes it is. On average, we now get a five percent price increase. But for the core sample, 84 per cent of sales in stores that cater to most customers, the rise is 2.5 per cent.

For 1,500 products, the price has dropped, Nordahl says.

Increases from NOK 100 to NOK 200

According to Ulf Daleheim of Vinpuls, 9,725 products will receive a price increase. Some examples of prices are French Cognac, which will cost NOK 7,000, 19 products will be more than NOK 1,000 more expensive and 694 products will cost more than NOK 100.

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However – the price of cheap white wine “Fernandez de Piérola Tempranillo Blanco” from Spain went from NOK 99.90 to NOK 200.

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