– will come to an end

– will come to an end

BJØRVIKA (Dagbladet): – We need to implement the Coastal Act, which means that the coastal zone should be cleaned all over the country. Opening new cabins on the coast or in the mountains destroys vulnerable nature, says Arild Hermstad, and says what the MDG will do for municipalities this fall:

– There will be an end to building cabins in nature.

MDG President Hermstad has called for a summer meeting with journalists on a heated rooftop opposite the Opera in Oslo – as far as you can get from wild nature in Norway.

But the degradation of nature is one of the five main issues of the election campaign, and one that people across the country will pay attention to if the MDGs come to power.

– We are involved in governance in both Oslo and Bergen and know more about what works well and what doesn’t work well. Increasing people’s access to nature is one of our key issues. For example, Hermstad says that in my hometown of Bergen, I want to see large areas used for commuter traffic.

Election Campaign: Oil and Energy Minister Tina Bru responded strongly to Hulda Holtvet’s comments.
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– The climate power race has been lost

“Government has no climate policy”. Hermstad backs up Vice President Ingrid Leland’s harsh words.

– It’s no secret that we believe the Storr government and the National Labor Party have a big climate problem. Hermstad says Oslo is a long way from what we can achieve with the app.

The MDG leader believes labor is in an open conflict, leading to a freeze on action.

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– Labor has a mandate from the electorate to do a lot on both the environment and the climate, but there is much internal resistance in the organisation, in members and in the trade union movement. Hermstad’s judgment was that a power contest in the Labor Party was lost by the Greens.

On Friday 2 June, the Norwegian Environment Agency handed over the report “Norway’s climate action towards 2030” to Minister for Climate and Environment Espen Barth Eide (Ap). It is recommended to reduce consumption of red and processed meat. Video: Govt
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About INP:- Not required

The Industry and Business Party (INP) reached 10,000 members at the weekend and is now next to MDG at 12,000. On many scales, the new party is similar to the MDG scale. In practice, the INP is against all Norwegian climate policy.

– Now all parliamentary parties – including the FRP – recognize that we need climate action. Then there is no need for a new party to do the opposite. Perhaps the biggest caveat is that they have a loose party plan. Hermstad says of INP that taxes will be reduced and many new services will be free.

Hermstad now fears that the party will gain influence as the Conservative Party opens up in Oslo.

– If the INP gains power and influence, there is reason to worry about the climate and nature. They will fight for the interests of the rich.

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