This is happening today – Tuesday

This is happening today – Tuesday

Investor Peter Hermannrod warns of a high risk of a stock market crash this fall. He says the big declines in the stock market come long after bad macro numbers, and so he’s excited about the fall macro numbers, after a year of rising interest rates around the world.

As an investor himself, Hermannrode is “almost” fully invested. He believes that shares in Oslo Bors are not very expensive, in part because of the weak krone exchange rate.

Norway’s Evoy, which makes electric boat motors, raised NOK 75 million in a recent release. Investors who have signed up for the service include AutoStore founder Jacob Hatland and Kahoot founder Johan Brand.

Evoy is valued at 310 million post-release. The issue was cast in a tough market, but Evoy CEO Leif Stavøstrand says they didn’t need to lower the price.

2022 was a dream year for traditional butcher shop Strøm-Larsen. Sales volume increased by 30 percent to more than NOK 276 million, and the result doubled from NOK 10 to NOK 20 million.

After the festive year, the owners, Erik and Jan Ström-Larsen, received a profit of NOK 12 million. The money will be used to help children enter the housing market.

In a commanding position, Trygve Hegnar writes about the Wagner Group’s insurrection in Russia. Everyone agrees that Putin is dangerously weak, but is he so weak that others can take over? Prigozhin must have meant this when he planned the attack, and then it is important to find these people.

Russia will not be the same for a while, and it is conceivable that the pressure on Ukraine will decrease. Hegnar writes that Prigogine’s coup plans were not in vain.

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fiscal calendar


Finland: Consumer and Business Confidence, June, at 07.00

Sweden: Trade Balance May, at 08.00

Sweden: PPI May, at 08.00

Italy: Consumer and Business Confidence June, at 10.00

Canada: CPI May, at 2:30 p.m

USA: May durable goods purchase orders, at 2:30 p.m

USA: S&P CS Home Prices for April, at 3pm

USA: FHFA Home Price Index April, at 3 pm

USA: CB Consumer Sentiment June, 4 p.m. ET

USA: New Home Sales in May, at 4 p.m


Havila Kestruten: Extraordinary General Meeting, at 09.00

Kyoto Group: Webcast of agreements with Iberdrola and Spirax-Sarco Engineering, in 2pm

US: API Oil Inventory Figures, at 10.30pm

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