New videos to prove it: – Shocking photos:

New videos to prove it: - Shocking photos:

A video clip shows a group of at least eight men being led along a road in Potsja in March, a suburb of Kyiv, Ukraine.

Behind them follows a soldier with a raised weapon.

He writes that this should have been the last time they were seen alive The New York Times.

Avisa has linked the video to two other videos. In one, a drone video was taken the next day, you can probably see the men lying dead on the ground behind a nearby building. In the same video, you can see Russian cars parked nearby.

The clearest guide so far

The New York Times wrote that the videos are the clearest evidence yet of Russian forces carrying out executions and war crimes in the suburbs.

They spoke to victims, witnesses, police and military personnel who were in Botsja during this period. All the victims were identified in the videos, and the newspaper also spoke to their families.

The videos are consistent with the chain of evidence that has begun to come from Potsja recently, says Associate Professor of Law at the University of Oslo, Sophie Hujestol, to Dagbladet.

She researches international criminal law and has seen videos in the case.

Some materials also clearly show the faces of Russian soldiers.

There is such evidence you need to build criminal cases and bring charges against people, says Høgestøl.

Aroused international interest

Images of corpses littering the streets of Botja first began to circulate after Russia withdrew its forces from the city – and sparked widespread interest and condemnation.

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There were the first satellite images of mass graves from Potsja, Hugestull notes, but now there are videos that can connect people to the graves.

– The new videos support the image we already have from Botsja, so we are now starting to get a good overview of what happened there, says the legal expert.

She went on to say that she believes there will be more videos and evidence from the suburbs and Ukraine in general, and notes that A Russian soldier is now on trial in the countryAccused of killing a defenseless person and a civilian in the war.

The authorities in Ukraine are warning that there will be more such cases, and they will receive help from the European Union and neighboring countries to maintain the ability to investigate. Then it remains to be seen if they are able to arrest more people and link them to war crimes, Høgestøl told Dagbladet.

Russian authorities did not respond to questions from the New York Times about the new videos. They have repeatedly denied accusations of war crimes during the war, claiming, among other things, that the photos from Botsja are false.

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