Motorists Warning:- Drive carefully!

Motorists Warning:- Drive carefully!

A change in weather leads to soapy roads in both eastern Norway and western Norway. Vegtrafikksentralen öst asks people who do not need to go out to drive to get out of their cars.

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Through the night into Monday, the Norwegian Road Administration’s contractors worked furiously – including salting the roads.

Slippery roads and clogged drains

The Road Traffic Center in the East informs VG that several cars were recovered last night.

– Today is the day when you should think whether you should go out and drive or not. If you have to go out, drive carefully and slow down, says Christopha Kee-Nilsson at the Road Traffic Center.

He warned that large amount of water has accumulated in many places and the work of opening blocked drains is in progress.

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Demanding winter conditions

Slippery roads were also reported in western Norway.

– Winter conditions are requested on most roads in the interior of the Westlands region, Voss, Arland and parts of Sogan. All the cars get out and take action, but there are still many places where the conditions can be slippery and bad. Drive carefully and according to the conditions, Vegtrafikksentralen west reports on Twitter.

– It might be a good idea to check the road signs on your way out. More time should be calculated in a certain sections. Because it’s slippery, you have to keep a good distance with the driver in front so that you have the edges on your side, says Stein Nestås at Vegtrafiksentralen West to VG.

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He says they are in many places to reduce friction on the road surface. By salting and planing the ice, among others.

YELLOW DANGER WARNING: Meteorologists yesterday issued a yellow snow warning for Oslo, Viken and parts of Inland County for Christmas Day and Boxing Day.

Waiting for more traffic

So far, Boxing Day has been quiet, with little traffic on the roads.

– We expect this to increase as tomorrow changes from a floating public holiday to a normal working day, says Nestor.

Here are some of the events to date:

  • A single car was driven into a tunnel wall inside Kleivenetunellen, south of Drammen. The police responded to the incident just after 07.00 this morning.
  • Vikafjellet is closed. A new evaluation will be done at 10.00 am.
  • Oslo 110 Central reported that they were out on 11 spill missions last night and into today.
  • E6 in Alnabru. The road transport center said on Twitter at 08.19 that the junction in the direction of Gardermoy is closed due to a traffic accident.

Yesterday afternoon, meteorologists issued a yellow ice warning for parts of Oslo, Wigan and Inland County. The warning will last until 09:00 Monday.

A yellow warning is in place for inland snow on Tuesday.

– Some journeys may have longer journey times. Difficult driving conditions are likely locally, the Met Office said.

Leave the car, but …

Road Transport Centers are encouraging people to consider giving up today’s drive. But on Monday morning, the train was not looking so good. At least not between Lillestrom and Oslo Airport, Gardermoen.

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There are delays due to errors in the track, and this is affecting the air train and several regional trains, writes Ban Nor Websites.

— They write that we are working to fix the bug, but don’t know how long it will take.

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