Huitfeldt and Støre will talk today – NRK Norway – overview of news from different parts of the country

Huitfeldt and Støre will talk today – NRK Norway – overview of news from different parts of the country

The world heads into another high-drama weekend with an imminent ground invasion of Gaza and heightened tensions across the region. When Anniken Huitfeldt came as a guest on the NRK program Politisk kvarter this morning, the tense situation in the Middle East was precisely the topic.

But with strong internal pressure from various Labor circles to replace Huitfeldt, it’s easy to stick with the answer he gave when asked by host Trond Lydersen if he would still be foreign minister in a week’s time.

– We’ll have to see about that, she replied.

ROGERER: Prime Minister Storr during a summit on defense policy in Wisby on Scotland.

Photo: Anders Wiklund/DD/NTB

NRK has learned that a dialogue is scheduled between Prime Minister Jonas Kahrstor and the Foreign Minister during the day. NRK caught up with Støre this morning in Gotland, where he is participating in a defense policy summit.

– Anniken Huitfeldt says he is not sure if he will be a minister in a week?

– She is working very well today, so I don’t comment on such things. The government works, everyone has a full agenda, Storr replied.

against his will

NRK has said that Annika Hudfeld wants to continue as foreign minister. If the store changes her anyway, it will be against her will.

Anniken Huitfeldt is the most experienced minister in Storr’s government. In addition, over the years he has had a close relationship with the store’s newly elected vice-president, Tonje Brenna: they are both from Akershus, and Brenna took Huitfeldt’s place on Ap’s central committee during the national meeting this spring.

In addition to knowing Huitfeldt well, Brenna has for many years been a very close friend of Huitfeldt’s younger sister Astrid, who today is Støre’s State Secretary in the Prime Minister’s Office.

On Friday morning, NRK confirmed that a final decision on Huitfeldt’s future in the government had not yet been made. But as the plan is to present a new government on Monday, Storr may actually have already made up his mind.

It is not yet clear whether the government will get a new foreign minister. But central sources in the government apparatus and the Labor Party say many changes have actually been decided.

UN High Level Week 2022

Changes: Jonas Gahr Støre will soon make changes in the government. Annika Hudfeldt’s position as foreign minister is in jeopardy, sources say.

Photo: Pontus Höök / Pontus Höök

Nordtun wanted hard

As far as NRK is aware, extensive changes are to be made. Always, “nothing is ready until everything is ready” is the caveat. But based on conversations with several sources in the government and Labor Party, the picture now looks like this:

Several sources confirm that the Minister of Education and Donjay Brenna He will then be the new Minister for Employment and Enrollment Marte Mjøs Persen. The reason is the desire to give a broader position to the Ap Vice President who will lead Ap’s planning team until 2025.

Kari Nessa Nordtun is voting in the 2023 election

Wanted: Former Stavanger Mayor Kari Nessa Nordtun.

Photo: Ingvild Stuedal Taranger / Emergency Car Camera

NRK has not confirmed who will take over as Minister of Education. But a high-profile name favored in government by many Ap politicians is the former mayor of Stavanger Kari Nessa Nordun. He is a very popular politician and well versed in the field of knowledge.

But sources say Nessa Nordtun has three young children and lives in Stavanger complicating the picture. But while sources earlier this week suggested it was the family’s hypothesis that what made Nessa Nordun now irrelevant to the government, NRK reports that the picture must have changed.

Last night NRK Carianne Tung From Trøndelag, he will be the new minister in the Ministry of Local Government and District Affairs, responsible for digitalisation. Tung is 39 years old and sat in Storting for Sør-Trøndelag from 2013 to 2017.

As reported by NRK yesterday, Industries Minister and John Christian Westray To continue in the same position. Thus, the Ap vice-president remains industry minister until Huitfeldt’s departure prompts major changes in government.

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