Record negative price for electricity in Denmark – E24

Record negative price for electricity in Denmark – E24

On Sunday, there is a Danish record for negative electricity prices. In some places, consumers can earn close to NOK 5 per kWh.

Wind in Germany and sun in the Netherlands help some Danes earn about a fifth for every kilowatt-hour of electricity they use on a Sunday afternoon.
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The record comes between 2pm and 3pm on a Sunday, and it’s the Danes in the West who can earn a pretty penny using electricity at that hour.

The price of electricity will then be minus 3.30 Norwegian crowns per kilowatt-hour (kWh), a new record, writes Danish business newspaper Børsen. Today’s exchange rate is NOK 5.19. Even when fees are added, Danish electricity customers are left with approximately NOK 3 per kWh they can use.

In the east of the country, the price of electricity ends up around zero, but when fees are included, roasting a pork roast or heating up a jacuzzi on a Sunday afternoon still isn’t exactly free.

Danes can thank the weather in Germany and the Netherlands for Sunday’s electricity rates.

– There’s a storm over the German Gulf, and there’s a lot of sun, especially in the Netherlands, where they have some arrangements that mean they can’t reduce production when they get a lot of electricity, explains Henrik Møller Jørgensen, who runs the price service Grønnere Elforbrug.

Danes who have solar cells on their roofs are advised to turn them off in the middle of the day, so as not to risk losing money by producing electricity cheaply.

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