Giga update for Tesla – ITavisen

Giga update for Tesla – ITavisen

Tesla has started rolling out the 2023.26 update.

Ultimate Powerwall charging

There’s a lot new here, not least of all that Teslas from the Tesla Powerwall can finally be charged with solar cells. According to Tesla’s documentation, you can choose how much power to get from solar versus solar cells. Other sources. The feature was discovered earlier this year, so the company has spent a lot of time beta testing that everything works as it should.

The Spotify app has also been updated. For Tesla, the app is now more like Spotify’s own interface. A Tesla Connect premium subscription is required to use the Spotify app.

Proactive route planner and updated Spotify app

Another nice improvement is that the route planner tells you if shops and the like are closing or closing soon in relation to your expected arrival time. Another big advantage, especially for those who play Tesla, is that you can pair Bluetooth gamepads without USB.

There is also a security update with the option to view multiple vehicle cameras at the same time. This also requires a premium. This is common on computers, less so on cars, but still something most people will appreciate: warmer colors on the screen when it’s dark.

More improvements:

  • Recent and Favorites appear as separate tabs in the media player.
  • The volume, temperature and charge limit setting switches are more accurate.
  • Guard mode activates video recording if someone tries to open the door or trunk if the car is locked.
  • The Manual app has been upgraded for faster access to the owner’s manual and operating notes.
  • Auto Navigation displays more details about the destination.
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