Many mistake they make

Many mistake they make

Many people like to shave in the shower, so perhaps it’s only natural that people keep their razors there. However, this is where bacteria can easily appear when storing the razor.

according to Cnet It is best to store the razor in a dry place. Precisely because the steam and moisture in the shower cause bacteria and rust to collect.

When it comes to bacterial growth, it depends on access to nutrients, moisture, and a certain amount of heat. All of this can be found in the bathing area, says professor and bacteriologist Henning Sørum at the Department of Clinical Sciences at the Norwegian University of Ecology and Life Sciences.

The razor will easily contain a lot of organic matter from skin and hair cells. The professor explains that this can grow within a day or two in a moist and warm environment.

It will be completely destroyed

do this

The simplest and quickest action you can take is to rinse the razor with a small jet of water after using it.

– Then most of the organic matter is washed out along with the bacteria. However, a small amount of bacteria will be able to thrive, Sorum says and continues:

An important consideration here is that as long as the razor is being used by the same person all the time and that person does not know of bacterial skin infections with, for example, staphylococci, streptococci or skin fungi that cause ringworm infections, there is little risk that Bacteria growing from someone makes themselves sick when they use the razor again.

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He explains that a razor can easily be compared to a toothbrush in terms of hygiene and usability. A person does not borrow toothbrushes from others or replace razors unless he is from the same nuclear family, and that this family does not suffer from any skin problems caused by microorganisms.

Alarming results

Alarming results

This is the speed at which bacteria occur

– How quickly can bacteria get on a razor if it’s left in the shower?

– Bacteria is already on the razor after use, but if the blade is dirty, bacteria can grow well within a day if there is nutrition and moisture, usually 100 to 10,000 times more bacteria.

Finally, he advises that razors are dangerous tools, so don’t create complicated actions that increase the risk of cutting yourself, like running your finger over the edge to clean.

according to Astrid Who sell razors and razors, you must change your razors after five to eight shaves.

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