– Like sushi 20 years ago – E24

– Like sushi 20 years ago – E24

The newly launched Norwegian Oysters will do three things at once: create jobs, build Norwegian Oysters as a brand and solve an environmental problem.

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– We will continue operations. After all, Pacific oysters are an unwanted species in Norwegian waters, while at the same time they are a product in high demand on the market, Norwegian Oysters' managing director Knut Magnus tells E24.

The company will now take over the bankruptcy estate of Norwegian Shores in Nøtterøy.

The latter was declared bankrupt in February, and had operations in Nøtterøy and Leirfjorden on the Helgeland coast.

- A win-win situation, says Knut Magnus, general manager of Norway Oyster, about selling oysters.

– Win-win situation

Now the new owners hope to create more new jobs, while building Norwegian oysters as a brand.

Pacific oyster populations are increasing in Norway, but the species is redundant.

– Helping solve an environmental problem by harvesting and selling oysters commercially is a win-win situation, says Person.

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Demand will increase

Norwegian Oysters will take over the bankruptcy estate next week and is now planning operations.

Owners write that they all see great potential in oysters.

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“Demand is increasing internationally and we are seeing a strong increase in Norway as well. We are seeing oysters like sushi 20 years ago, a wave rolling into the market,” says a press release.

Activities will continue at Norwegian Shores' reception facility in Tenvik on Nøtterøy.

– We do our best to move as quickly as possible. “There's a lot of work, and it's all gone very quickly,” says the person.

He says one person hired at the plant will be allowed to continue his job and they plan to hire more in the long term.

– Norway Oyster will operate the facility, which will act as an aquarium where harvesters can deliver their catch to us.

Aimed at Asia

The aim is to supply oysters to the Norwegian and international markets.

– We see potential especially in Norway, Scandinavia and Asia, says the person.

The three companies behind Norwegian oysters are Hotate, Norway King Crab and the Marstad Group.

The first two have developed Norwegian seafood products for many years, while the latter is an investment firm that specializes in growing early-stage companies.

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