As DN learns, Jonas Kahr Storr will replace government employees next week, possibly as early as Monday.

According to DN’s sources, it is fitting that he will be out on Slottsplassen with a digitization minister. According to DN’s experience, it could be Karianne Tung, who currently heads Trondheim Tech Port, an interest organization for tech players in the region.

Karianne Tung has a long career in the Labor Party and AUF and is currently Chair of Trondheim Tech Port.

Karianne Tung has a long career in the Labor Party and AUF and is currently Chair of Trondheim Tech Port. (Photo: Storage)

He was a leader in both Sør-Trøndelag AUF and Trøndelag Ap and sat in the Storting from 2013 to 2017.

B protocol

Today, AP has 11 ministers and the Center has 8 ministers. Storr now has reason to expand the government and allow the Ap to get an additional minister in a secret deal called Protocol B, negotiated during talks with the SP in a hartal about government powers in the fall of 2021. DN noted this. The agreement was the first in a dispute over the dissolution of the Kristiansand municipality last summer. In that case, the Central Party won.

B-Protocol is a term for a document whose contents are known to very few people in the governing parties. It is an agreement between the parties as to how important matters should be resolved and the government has no benefit if they know. public Both Jens Stoltenberg and Erna Solberg had such a secret agreement.

Norway has stuck with digitization ministers in the past: Erna Solberg made Nicolai Astrup the first of her kind in 2019. It lasted only till 2020.

As of 2020, Linda Hofstad Helland has a job as a co-district minister.

A new strategy

Ahead of this year’s election campaign, Storr presented a digitalization strategy alongside Research and Higher Education Minister Sandra Porch (SP). Including a billion in grants for artificial intelligence research. At the Prime Minister’s closing press conference, Storr spoke fondly of how digitization would contribute to a more efficient public sector, greater value creation in the business world and, not least, easier everyday life for most people.

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