Salma death: Fresh probe required after VG revelations

Salma death: Fresh probe required after VG revelations

Prosecutor Harald Greb believes that essential evidence was not evaluated by the police and the prosecution in the investigation into Salma’s death.

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The lawyer represents the Indian family of Salma, 42, who was found dead at her home in Bergen on 25 April 2017.

– Based on the information I received today, I will request a fresh investigation. We have uncovered evidence of weight, which was previously unappreciated by the police and prosecution. This applies, among other things, to things that came to light in VG’s reports, especially what forensic pathologist Stine Christoffersen talked about, Graebe tells VG.

The coroner confirmed VG’s conversation with Salma’s sister Kulsoom Sharif.

The conversation is said to have led to difficulty in breathing due to pressure on the throat and death.

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Trial required: Attorney Harald Graebe represents Salma's parents and sister.

More police blunders

A week ago, Viji revealed several mistakes made by the police while investigating the death.

The trial ended in a manslaughter charge and a premeditated trial against the husband, the entire case being dropped after new doubts were raised about the cause of death.

The husband has always denied murder.

Her lawyer, Reider Steinsvik, insists that the case against her husband has been dropped and that she is innocent.

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– The cause of death is unclear

Greb says he will soon write a letter demanding that the police reopen the investigation into Salma’s death.

– Forensic experts are not given access to all the documents and evidence of the case. This is absolutely central to understanding this case and providing correct assessments of Salma’s cause of death. Experts received only limited mandates, and no follow-up questions from the police.

– While questions surrounding the cause of death remain unresolved, the police stop asking. Greb says they are left wondering what happened.

Sister on Salma’s death: – Justice is not served

Forensic reports

When the Attorney General decided to drop the case in January 2019, particular emphasis was placed on two reports from forensic experts.

The first report had two conclusions:

“A specific cause of death cannot be established, but cardiac arrhythmias cannot yet be ruled out and are considered a possibility even without a proven genetic variant. Neck pressure is considered less common due to the lack of magnitude of changes commonly seen with it.”Danish forensic pathologist Zite Benner concludes.

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“If there are no genes predisposing to cardiac arrhythmias, asphyxiation with pressure on the neck is still a potential cause of death.”Stine Christopherson, who performed Salma’s autopsy, concludes.

Autopsy: Former coroner Stine Christopherson performed an autopsy on Salma on 27 April 2017.  He has criticized the police for not reporting suspicious circumstances in the death so that a more thorough autopsy would have been carried out later.  method.

Negative genetic analysis

A detailed analysis of Salma’s genes was then carried out. The Finnish lab tested 184 genes to check if Salma had genetic heart defects.

They found no genes to support this.

The test result was negative.

Sisters: Salma (front) pictured with sisters Kulsoom and Kubra (back) in India in summer 2016.

A second report referred to by the Attorney General at the end concluded that there was still a possibility of heart failure:

“The lack of discovery of genetic variants that can cause sudden cardiac death does not rule out the existence of such changes, as not all such genetic variants have yet been mapped. Autopsy results neither support nor contradict that cardiac arrhythmias may be the cause of death. Forensic pathologists Chitzel Rodge and Christian Lick Ellingsen concluded.

In the end, both believe it “Impossible” Salma may have suffocated, no evidence was provided.

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Ex-investigator of Salma case: – Cowardice

Nils Arne Mehmer investigated Salma’s death for Kripos. He thinks the public prosecutor is a coward, he doesn’t take the case…

Cold case is required to get the case

Attorney Grebe wants Kripos’ Cold Case Team to investigate the case.

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This will only happen if a request is sent to the West Police District.

In front of VG, Gunnar Fløystad, the prosecutor in the Western Police District, denied that they intended to do this.

However, Grebe believes that a police district other than the Western Police District, called the Chet Police District, should look after the matter.

– This is a healthy woman dying, and no expert has been mandated to assess the full evidence of death. So it’s a good case for a cold case, he says, and it’s a case they need to look at.

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