Politics, Election | Vidar Klebbe was expelled from the Norwegian Democratic Party

Politics, Election |  Vidar Klebbe was expelled from the Norwegian Democratic Party

– Sad to announce that Vidar Klebbe has chosen to leave the Norwegian Democratic Party and start his own list. Hence he is considered to have been expelled from the party. We wish him success in his new venture.

The party writes in one Wednesday evening press release. Klebbe helped create the party in 2002, then under the name Democrats.

– I have asked to get this in writing. I will read the resolution and see if it complies with the laws, Klebbe adds A friend of the motherland Who first mentioned the subject.

The Norway Democrats attributed the disagreement between Klebbe and the party’s national board to the fact that Klebbe “did not agree to comply with normal procedures on the board”.

– He insists that he can talk about what he wants when he wants, even if the group works on a joint statement, the party writes more.

Klebbe had previously said that he would not stand for election for the party. Instead, he stands for election for his own local list.

In the party’s press release, all members standing on the alternate list for the club are considered to have actively deviated from the created list.

Party leader Geir Ugland Jacobsen Fædrelandsvennen says no decision to withdraw has been made.

– No it isn’t. They opt themselves out by standing on another list, says Ukland Jacobson.

In recent weeks, there has been an ongoing clash between the party and Kleb following a post on Klebbe’s own page on Facebook. There, Klebbe condemned the war in Ukraine and called for Putin to be brought before international justice. The national board reacted and Klebbe, then national spokesman, believed he was acting on his own.

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