Tesla, car | Tesla wave after price cut shock

Tesla, car |  Tesla wave after price cut shock

There has been a historic race to register new cars before the New Year, and never before have more cars been registered in a month like December. The reason, of course, was the introduction of both a value-added tax and a one-time tax on electric vehicles.

The expectation was that prices would skyrocket, but instead Tesla came up with a price bomb when it slashed the price of Norway’s most popular car by up to NOK 120,000. This, in turn, led to a collapse in used car prices.

At the same time, deliveries of new cars in Norway came to an abrupt halt. January was a bad month historically. The intermediate links were emptied in December, and reports from auto shops around the country since then indicate that it was unusually quiet on the premises.

Analytical agency Rystad was able to report an abrupt halt in electric vehicle sales worldwide.

It’s not only about the new competitive situation, but also about people being more careful with their money now that interest rates, food and electricity prices are going up all over the world. As a result, we are now seeing hints of sponsored interest being used more in marketing.

Large quantities of Teslas delivered

But the brand that doesn’t seem to have trouble with sales is Tesla. The company has now begun taking boat shipments for cars ordered after the January price cut.

Among other things, Finansavisen reported that the new models were taken to the beach at Filipstadkaia in Oslo at the weekend. New cars are usually delivered to Drammen.

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So far in March alone, the company has placed far more Model Y-style license plates than the second and third digits on the top list. so far this year.

  • Tesla Model Y: 2,433 units. in March
  • Toyota BZ4x: 1,058 pcs. in 2023
  • Volkswagen ID. 4: 954 pcs. in 2023

(source: Elbilstatistikk.no)

On Monday, 249 cars were signposted, while on Tuesday the price doubled to more than 504 cars. according to Teslastats.no This is the highest number of Ys ever recorded in a single day.

It seems that there are Chinese and German models that are registered interchangeably.

It mostly comes down to one model

in the Facebook group Tesla news It is now expected that Tesla will be able to register 6,000 Model Ys by the end of the first quarter. Since almost all of this happens in March, this month will be Tesla’s best month ever in Norway.

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And that’s exactly what Model Y is about. Although new variants of the Model X and S have appeared, they have not greatly affected enrollment stats yet. The Model 3 fared somewhat better, but now that the price difference between the 3 and Y has almost been erased, the choice was relatively easy.

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