Norwegian Politics, Dolce | In Oslo fares have been increased:

Norwegian Politics, Dolce |  In Oslo fares have been increased:

At the same time, with petrol prices soaring to record highs, efforts are currently under way to raise fares for motorists in Oslo and Wigan.

Regarding the Oslo Package 3 talks between Oslo Municipality and Viken County Municipality, sources now say. N.R.K. Fees are likely to increase by 30 to 40 percent.

The first increase is scheduled for September 1 this year and next for January 1, 2024.

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

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– Do not be too heavy

As Nettavisen previously reported, tariff revenues have plummeted in recent years due to the conversion of electric cars into the lowest-priced tariffs in the metropolitan area. Thus, many major transportation projects are at risk if revenue is not increased.

One of the negotiators told Annette, the leader in Wigen Hoire, but he did not say how much the number would increase.

– I can not comment on any statistics now, how much it will rise, because today is probably next Monday talks, telling Netavisen.

He is even clearer that electric cars now have to take up a large portion of the toll bill.

– For those who have to drive a diesel and petrol car, this price hike should not become too much of a burden. Thus electric cars have to pay a higher price. Saying that 90 percent of new car sales are electric cars, we can not do without it, He went out in January and warned against putting too much pressure on petrol and diesel cars.

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Frp: – Empty the wallet

However, the Progressive Party has little left to increase anyway.

– Reds in MDG and Oslo We empty the wallets of ordinary people and make everyday life as difficult as possible for everyone. The FRP wants to make everyday life cheaper and reward eco-friendly activities without using the whip, Frank Sve, FRP’s division head of Storting’s transportation group, tells Nettavisen.

Sve classifies the increase as immoral.

– Customs revenue has fallen sharply in recent years as people follow the call of politicians to replace petrol and diesel cars with electric cars. He says punishing people for following the authorities’ call would be on the verge of immorality, with the support of Oslo Frp:

– It’s not about reducing emissions, but about making motorists as thin as possible. Camila Wilhelmsen, chairwoman of Frp at Oslo City Council, tells Netavicen that revenue from customs is declining because many people are buying zero-emission cars.

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May be doubled

Sporting has decided that electric cars should not be charged more than 50 per cent of the price for petrol and diesel cars. However, at one point it meant almost doubling the tariff for electric cars. Today, electric cars pay 5 to 11 kroner, while fossil cars pay 18 to 31 kroner at toll stations.

He describes the ongoing negotiations as constructive:

– There are always slightly different goals with it, so negotiations can be difficult. But being in a good tone says there is hope that we will come to a solution.

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He says the goal is to reach an agreement in March.

Mostly for Fornebubanen

In an earlier agreement on the Oslo Package 3, NOK added $ 4.5 billion in revenue from customs duties to help politicians decide which transportation projects to prioritize in the coming years. But now the toll revenue has been reduced to NOK 3 billion so that the revenue has to be increased or the projects have to be abandoned.

The largest contributor to the toll is Fornebu Line. Construction of the new metro from Majorstua in Oslo to Fornebu in Bærum is in full swing, and the billion-dollar project has already suffered several cost breaks.

The online newspaper Sirin Stav (MDG) has asked the City Council for Environment and Transport in Oslo for a comment, but did not want to comment on the Oslo Package 3 in light of ongoing negotiations.

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