– Shocked that he was released

- Shocked that he was released

– The last thing I heard was that he would be transferred from one company to another. It was September. “I was shocked to learn today that he had been released,” Lehon told Austria Dominguez.

Dominguez, who flew from Norway to his native Philippines, did not know that the man who stabbed himself in 2019 was a free man.

On Tuesday, a man was stabbed to death by police in Bislett, Oslo.

– At trial I was told he could do this again. He is a dangerous man. His vision was completely black when he attacked me. Even when I was under him, he attacked me, he says on the phone from the Philippines.

In December 2020, the man who screamed for attempted murder and intimidation was granted compulsory mental health care. On Tuesday, Dagbladet contacted Andrea Wislaff, the bodyguard of the now-dead man in the case. He has not yet had time to comment on the case.

Scream: Dagbladet met the victim with a knife at the hospital after the incident in the summer of 2019. Video: Malene Storrusten. Photo: Frank Carlson / Dogflatted
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On June 4, 2019, the man attacked the Philippines in Krunerlokka, Oslo. At the top, the now-dead man ran with a knife, shouting “Allahu Akbar” to several passersby and behaving in a threatening manner.

Dominguez worked for the Marita Foundation in Oslo and worked with his brother and several colleagues in the area.

– Suddenly this guy, out of nowhere, is coming towards us. He looked very angry, and he had a knife, Dominguez told Docbladet at the time.

Fear of life

The man then allegedly tried to assault one of his co-workers. In an attempt to save his friend from the attacker, Dominguez intervenes.

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– He holds me and holds me down. He then tries to stab me several times, explaining that Dominguez had to keep the attackers’ hands under control to avoid being stabbed.

Then the knife came from the side, and although Dominguez tried to stop it with his hand, the knife went to the side of his chest.

He gets up and walks away from the man, but follows. Again he lay on the ground. Dominguez was struck again, and recent stab wounds made it difficult to defend himself.

– Then I thought “this is the end”. With only one hand I tried to stop his hand with the knife. I was scared to death then. I thought I was going to die.

In all, he claims to have been stabbed nine times. A punch pierced his lungs, almost hitting his heart.

There was a dramatic arrest when the police arrived, where they finally had to use a warning shot and electric shock weapons against the man:

Dramatically: Police have arrested a man with a knife in Krunerlokka, Oslo. Video: Tipster / Odd Even Evince
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– Did not feel any disgust

According to the 2020 ruling, the man who stabbed him ran towards two women and two men in central Oslo, as well as tried to set fire to his own apartment.

After this incident, the person was sentenced to compulsory mental care.

In a judgment from December 2020, the court ruled that the person could not be convicted because he was insane when the proceedings took place. Experts argue that human schizophrenia disorder leads to mental illness.

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Sources close to Dagbladet confirm that Tuesday was the same day that a man was shot dead by police after brandishing a knife at a pistol in Oslo on Tuesday. A police officer was injured during the incident, but he had to get out of danger.

– During the trial, I heard his story. He is from a country other than Norway like me. He had a hard time. I felt for him. That’s why I forgave him. “I have no grudge against him for what he did to me, but that does not mean I do not want justice,” Dominguez told Docbladet on Tuesday after hearing about the tragic end to the pistol.

The investigation also showed Dominguez that the person was clearly unwell.

– He needed help. I hope he gets the help he needs. One of the things I admire in Norway is the health service. Unlike the Philippines, getting help in Norway is free. So, I can not understand what happened now, says Dominguez.

– Sorry when lives are lost

Dominguez received the news of Tuesday’s tragic incident through a friend and colleague, Stick Morton Searstat.

SearStad works at the Marita Foundation and witnessed in June 2019 what happened to his friend.

– It’s always sad when lives are lost, Searstadt tells Dockblatt.

He does not know whether the convict was released.

– We forgave him in court. Realizing he was unwell, we hoped he would get the help he needed so it would never happen again. What has happened now is very sad. At the same time, I am glad that the police officer is alive. Searstad says this is the second time they have been in a dangerous situation with this man.

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I am still struggling

The Philippines is still suffering from the aftermath of what happened. A stab wound to his left shoulder has damaged parts of his nervous system.

– I woke up every morning realizing that my left hand had three fingers locked. I have to gently part them and stretch my fingers before I use my hand, he says.

Dominguez often has pain burning from fingers to shoulders when he wakes up at night, and the work he did before is now much harder.

– Says someone who has worked on construction sites for many years that I am left-handed and have difficulty lifting heavy lifts.

He is thankful to be still alive.

– I’m alive, I saved my co-worker.

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