A young swan in E18: – stood in the middle of the road

A young swan in E18: – stood in the middle of the road

A young swan on forest roads stopped traffic on the E18.

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– A chicken, a swan or a large duck crosses the E18 at Hjortnes and writes X to the police in Oslo.

The chicken was helped off the road by an “active motorist,” police also wrote.

– A tipster tells VG that the bird was in the middle of the road leading to a stop and you should pass it.

– The situation was harmless, but when everyone considered the situation and the bird it led to a row.

The bird – which turned out to be a baby swan – has now been removed from the road and was last seen on the grass in Hjortneslockett at 12.29pm, police said.

— The grass is very desolate

Viji first wrote that the bird is a duck. Then the manager of the nonprofit called Help SwanHelp SwanA non-profit organization that runs Emergency Aid for Birds, with specialized expertise in swans, says Munghaugen. Frode Munkhaugen entered the VG at 12 o’clock.

He says the bird is not a duck – but a baby swan.

Just before 13, he calls again:

– Lena Westby of Swan Aid traveled out when she realized it was a swan, not a goose, she says.

Munghaugen says Westbye spotted the baby swan eating grass by the roadside.

– It is very desperate for grass.

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Rescued: A baby swan on its way back to Fraknergylen.

The swan was raised by Oostenjovannet, but moved to Fraknergylen because it was abandoned by its parents and food was scarce in Oostenjovannet, says Muncavgen. Munkhaugen also says that Østensjøvannet has a problem with a lot of stray dogs.

You can’t usually move wild birds, but Swan Aid is allowed in this case, he insists.

– Now it is placed back in Frognerkilen.

Need help

Young swans are often confused and may need help, she says.

– Now we are at the time when the swans go out and take their first flights. And then they often end up in strange places, he says.

Munghaugen suggests placing the pups in an open area, preferably near water. He says they need a lot of space to move through the air.

– If it is still on the road, there is a big risk that it will end up on the road again.

Muncavgan also says that swans should not be placed near other swan families other than their own, as swans can kill the young.

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