Unprepared for a full storm – NRK Trams and Finnmark to the Northern Cape in the “world’s smallest motorhome”

Unprepared for a full storm – NRK Trams and Finnmark to the Northern Cape in the “world’s smallest motorhome”

– I wanted a challenge and asked myself if I could build the “world’s smallest motorhome”.

Justin Nedvedt (22) parks his Smart City car just before the Honningswijk. The car has been rebuilt and now you can find everything you need from bed to kitchen and toilet.

– Why do you do this at this time of year? Why not in the summer?

– Then there is no challenge. I love snow and winter and love to go to the Northern Cape in winter. It’s not easy to make it with a city car.

In 15 days, he traveled from Hamburg, Germany, across Lofoten to the city at 70 degrees latitude. Even though it was minus ten degrees and cold, Nedved slept in the car every night.

The goal was always the Nordkapp, but the German would probably have to wait a while before he came to see the Nordkapp plateau.

– Could be a full storm

On Wednesday, several types of hazard warnings were sent to northern Norway.

– From night to Wednesday, it will blow properly, southerly in Troms and areas affected by strong storms, says Marek Ratajczak, state meteorologist of the Meteorological Center.

Locally strong storms are forecast for coastal and fjord areas north of Troms and Finnmark. The Norwegian Meteorological Agency expects wind speeds of 35-42 m/s.

– Meteorologist says it may be a full storm in stormy areas.

Marek Ratajczak, a state meteorologist at the Meteorological Center, reports a full-blown storm in some places Wednesday.

Photo: Inga Maret Solberg Åhrén / NRK

Siril Veiåker Nilsen, head of the Road Transport Center in Northern Norway, urges people not to travel in exposed areas.

– This is unusual weather for these parts too. We should be prepared that the roads will be closed throughout Wednesday and into Thursday, Siril Veiåker Nilsen.

She knows that many roads will have to be closed.

– VYou should be prepared for road closures throughout Wednesday and into Thursday.

Not ready

– How did you prepare for the storm?

– To be honest, not much yet, says Justin Nedvet with a smile.

With the wind coming from the south, he parked the car near a building near Honingswaag to escape the wind.

– I also hope my car will last.

"The world's smallest motor home" Justin Nedved called his Smarten.

Justin Nedvedt had been driving this car for the past 15 days.

Photo: Justin Nedved

After sorting out the heat source in the car, he wasn’t worried about standing outside when it was raining so badly on Wednesday.

His plan is to visit the North Cape on Thursday and then head home to Hamburg.

While this doesn’t mean the end of the “world’s smallest motorhome,” Nedved has already started thinking about future trips.

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