Fire in garbage shed – Cracked windows in containment

Fire in garbage shed – Cracked windows in containment

Emergency services were moved to Sofianberg in Oslo after reports of a fire.

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A terrible fire broke out in a garbage dump attached to the wall of a house in Oslo.

While it was initially reported that there was a risk of spread, the fire department said that there was no such risk shortly after.

– Residents are advised to keep windows closed.

Smoke was visible from a distance.

Major emergency: The first reports sounded dramatic as firefighters prepared to evacuate.

Oslo 110 Central writes at 0140 that the fire is out. They continue with the latter embrace. Several windows up to the third floor were cracked due to the heat, police said.

– It burned strongly, but the fire service quickly went to the scene and when things calmed down, operations manager Per Ivar Iverson tells VG.

He says the cause of the fire is currently unknown, so the possibility of it being set remains open.

– The investigation will show that, and in a regular way we go and see if there is video material that can shed light on what happened.

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