Weather forecast in the south: Some may still wake up with snow

Weather forecast in the south: Some may still wake up with snow
Further? Meteorologist opens for overnight snow in southern Norway.

Good weather has arrived in southern Norway. But spring hasn’t come—yet.

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– Many people may think that spring has finally arrived, says meteorologist Siri Viberg with the National Weather Service.

This week, many were able to throw their jackets in the sun. On Thursday and Friday, temperatures will rise above the 20s in some places.

The weather will change

However, Wiberg reports cooler news for the weekend. On Sunday, temperatures will drop significantly, and the weather will shift to southern Norway.

– Snow and rain are absolutely possible.

Viberg says it’s very possible to see something white in the air in the Oslo area and further south. But it’s too early to say for sure.

Higher up and north of Oslo, Wiberg thinks more snow can be expected.

– In the area around Lillihammer, there will probably be snow.

Based on the weather forecast, it appears that parts of southern Norway may wake up with snow on Monday morning.

– Back hand woolen garments

Although snow is unlikely, there is no good news for Wiberg in western Norway either.

– It will also be cold there, and there will be some rain. But I don’t think there will be snow in western Norway.

– Is it a little early to pack the winter jacket?

– I think it’s a good idea to have some woolen clothes on hand.

Cold in the north – as usual

Further north in the country, the weather won’t make much of a difference, Viborg believes.

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– Northern Norway will have snow. It already arrives on Thursdays and Fridays. In Finland, there will be snow this weekend.

– But this is very common.

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