The latest NHO survey – – could be a big blow

The latest NHO survey - - could be a big blow

The Labor Party, the Central Party and the Socialist People’s Party held polls at the Hortalszone Hotel outside Oslo from Thursday until the first day. Its purpose is to clarify whether there is a basis for pursuing formal government negotiations.

Whatever the outcome, I would say this is a march order for the country’s next government of Norwegian companies, says Ole Erik Almlit Parson, CEO of the NHO.

Clear priorities

The most recent membership survey of the employers’ association was taken shortly before the September 13 parliamentary elections. More than 2,700 NHOs have ranked which structural conditions are most important to prioritize for the upcoming parliamentary term.

First, there is the need for companies to protect qualified workers.

Nine out of ten companies point to capacity as the most important or the most important. In fact, it says 52 percent Very important We have a «work system, an education system that provides candidates with the needs of working life.

Good mood: There was a good atmosphere during the review talks between Jonas Coher Store, the Drive Sloxwald role and Hurdels Jain Audon Lisboken. Video: NTP
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– This is a warning call from Norwegian companies. They are ready for the green change. But they need more and more precise expertise. Almlit says we could face a major blow if we can’t ensure companies have access to the expertise they need.

Do not damage the EEA

He recalled that in a previous NHO survey, six out of ten companies said they did not have the skills they needed.

– It is particularly particularly active in industry, construction and ICT. So, I’m not surprised that a clear majority now point out that “the efficiency of the education system” is the most important thing to work on over the next four years, says the NHO official.

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He also points out that climate and the EEA agreement are high on the list.

– If I am surprised by anything, the message to the Hartalsgen parties of the business community is very vague. It is noteworthy that the EEA agreement was strongly accepted. The message from the Norwegian business community is that they should not be harmed, Almlit insists.

– Read the parson and fix it

– You call it a warning about a big explosion. Can you elaborate?

– We will create hundreds of thousands of new jobs in the coming years. But now providing the right skills can be a barrier to realizing the great ambitions for employment.

Although education is a long race, Almlit now expects deliveries.

The new government must act as soon as the LO, NHO and youth parties demand – that is, define what the green shift is to the need for capacity. Second, universities and colleges should collaborate with institutions on research projects to ensure that outsiders have the talent they need. Third, it should be better for further and continuing education, says Almlit.

The NHO is crossing its fingers over the fact that thunder talk does not scare analysts.

– This study should be really good news. The basics have the will, ability and power to create new climate technology. The challenge is to get people to the place. It is solvable. I think someone from Hartalszene must have read Parsons, Thackeray’s financial website, and Almlit says we’ll fix this.

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