Vicar allegedly defrauded Saverbank1 SMN in Trondheim of nearly NOK 75 million – NRK Trøndelag

Vicar allegedly defrauded Saverbank1 SMN in Trondheim of nearly NOK 75 million – NRK Trøndelag

On January 21, Sberbank 1 became known as a temporary worker at SMN Allegation of gross fraud and money laundering.

A 20-year-old man is alleged to have swindled less than NOK 75 million.

– Estimated loss of NOK 50 million. The amount is invested and realized at a loss – so you know you won’t get back.

That’s what O saysProsecutor Andreas Aftret in the Trøndelag Police District.

Use Access

The man always pleaded guilty. He was detained for two weeks when he was arrested.

– The prison sentence ends tomorrow and the police will decide today to make a final decision on whether he should be re-arraigned or released, Afrid told NRK on Thursday.

The police are thoroughly investigating the case and are seeking assistance from Økokrim to track and secure the valuables abroad.

The charge relates to gross fraud and gross money laundering of proceeds of less than NOK 75 million.

Ole Andreas Aubret in the Trøndelag Police District.

Photo: Sunnywa Skirtweed / NRK

Generally, the fraud must have been committed by a target who used access to the bank’s systems to defraud the bank’s funds.

Transfers must be made to other banks in Norway and to bank accounts outside the country.

Police have obtained documents from these banks as part of the investigation.

Beyond this, we don’t want to go into too much detail about the procedure for the sake of investigation, says Afred.

15 million secured

Defense lawyer Christian Vik writes to NRK that his client will sit a new trial on Wednesday.

Through investigation, the police believe they have accounted for the fraudulent amount.

Here’s an overview of the money available:

  • A sum was repatriated to Sparbank1 SMN before the arrest, meaning the bank’s net worth is more than NOK 66 million.
  • In total the police received a little over NOK 15 million.

Sparebank1 SMN said in a press release that the targeted person has been employed as a temporary employee at the head office in Trondheim since 2020.

– wild speculation

Routine checks were carried out regarding employment.

– The bank is suffering from serious financial crime. In addition, a serious breach of trust is experienced by the accused by misusing access to the systems for their own gain and, in addition, by tampering with our control functions.

This was stated by Rolf Jarle Broske, Managing Director of Sberbank 1 SMN.

Rolf Jarle Brøske, Sparebank 1 SMN

A replacement has been hired since 2020, according to managing director Rolf Jarle Broske.

Photo: Sunnywa Skirtweed / NRK

– Over the past two weeks, the bank has worked closely with the police to contribute to the investigation and secure the funds as much as possible. “Unfortunately, we have to say that most of the swindled money is lost after what appears to be wild speculation abroad,” says Broske.

Sberbank 1 SMN has insurance covering financial crimes, including financial fraud. NOK 5 million is deducted from the insurance.

– We have now established a good overview of the sequence of events and implemented several immediate measures. Also, the Bank is carrying out extensive work to assess further steps. We have a good dialogue with Finanstilsynet, says Broske.

At Christmas he contacted the bank

The disabled person was arrested on Thursday, January 19.

The bank confirmed that the amount could be in the hundreds of millions of kroner, but that customers were not affected.

The accused’s lawyer told NRK that the fraud must have been going on for more than a month and that the accused had been contacted by the bank before Christmas Eve that something was not right.

– He received an inquiry from the bank’s internal control, probably in the middle of Christmas. They heard some things that were not right. He says that maybe he should have been stopped by the bank, the man’s guardian, Christian Vik, told NRK.

It was revealed last week that a double-digit million sum had been seized from the man’s Swedish account.

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