Eurojackpot, Norsk Tipping | The Norwegian player won 436 million in Eurojacket

Eurojackpot, Norsk Tipping |  The Norwegian player won 436 million in Eurojacket

The first prize pot on the Eurojackpot had to stand for a long time and was worth 872 million kroner, which finally smoked tonight – that too for a Norwegian player. The Norwegian millionaire shared the prize pool with the Finnish player.

When the large pot in the Eurojacket was smoked it became double Nordic. The Norwegian Eurojackpot winner on Friday finished fourth on the list of the largest Norwegian millionaire with NOK 436 million, after sharing a NOK 872 million with a Finnish player.

Here is an updated list of the biggest winners of Norsk Tipping:

1. 485.1 million Eurojackpot by 2020

2. 443.9 million Eurojackpot in 2019

3. 441.3 million Eurojackpot in 2017

4. 436 million Eurojackpot in 2022

Norsk Tipping is now contacting the big winner, and the case will be updated.

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Both Nordic 1st Prize winners guessed their way to this victory:

1 – 8 – 33 – 38 – 43

Star rating: 2 – 6

1 million per tinset

The 1 million kroner national winner will end up in the shadow of the Norwegian 1st prize winner on Friday. However, a very happy woman from Tinset received a successful message from Hamari. He was at a community center in Nord-Ă˜sterdalen, where he and his band were rehearsing before a dance party the next day.

– Holdson, is that true? I think I have a heart attack here, and she responds when Norsk Tipping tells her she’s successful.

She wanted to use the premium to repay her mortgage.

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Eurojackot changes: Two tracks per week

Following the draw on Friday 18 February, new rules have come into force on Eurojackat, which has been a popular sport in Norway since 2013, but nine years later it is time for some updates. These are two big ones:

The draw will take place two days a week, starting Friday, March 25th. That means the Eurojacket can be delivered as soon as possible on Tuesdays. The first Tuesday draw starts on March 29th.

In addition, the maximum ceiling of the 1st prize group is approximately increased. 120 euros, the writing amount is approx. 1.2 billion Norwegian kroner.

About 96 million

On Friday, March 25, the first Eurojackot is ready for draw with brand new rules. As the 1st prize package went on Friday 18th March, it will be approximate. 96 million kroner. 2nd prize pool approx. 32 million kroner.

Deliver your lotto coupon before 18.00 tomorrow. Tap here to play.

Chances of winning the Eurojackpot:

To win the first prize in Eurojacket, there must be 5 positive numbers out of the possible 50, and 2 positive stars out of 12. It gives an approximate total. 140 million possible combinations per row, and the chance of winning is then approximate. 1: 140 million per row. For the second prize, the chance of winning is approximate. The national premium (1 million kroner) is approximately 1: 7 million per order. 1: 1.6 million per line.

Total number of premium payments in 2021 (Norway): 2,844,151

Number of first premium payments in 2021 (Norway): 0

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Number of millionaires in 2021 (Norway): 65

Higher premium payments in 2021 (Norway): 25,931,120

Read more about Norsk Tipping’s chances of success for games here

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