Millehaugen is said to have flown to Oslo – VG

Millehaugen is said to have flown to Oslo - VG
Wanted: Stick Millehaugan should be back in jail in Trondheim by 3pm on Wednesday. Photo taken in 2021.

According to VG, police believe the double murder suspect, Stig Millehaugen, 53, must have flown from Værnes to Gardermoen on Wednesday morning.


Police sounded a national alert in Millehaugen’s absence after his release from Trondheim prison on Wednesday.

He was on vacation from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. But never appeared in prison again.

According to VG, police believe the 53-year-old must have boarded a flight from Trondheim Airport Værnes to Oslo Airport Gardermoen on Wednesday morning. It is alleged that the ambassador provided the information to Hussein.

Faced with this information, Anne Haave, a police lawyer in the Trøndelag police district, responds:

– The police do not release tactical or operational information about the investigation of the case.

The crime watchdog in Oslo did not want to comment on the case. They refer to the Trøndelag police district that is leading the investigation. The lawyer on duty at Trondheim says he will not comment on anything until Thursday night, when the press release will be released.

VG had been in contact with Avinor responding on behalf of Værnes and Oslo Airport, but had no idea if they had been contacted by police. Værnes Airport did not want to comment on the matter.

Police have confirmed to VG that Millehaugen is being searched internationally and reported to customs and border crossings.

Thursday morning, Millehaugen was discovered Interpol website As requested from Norway. The Organization for International Cooperation for International Cooperation (IOCD) provides a detailed explanation of Millehaugan’s appearance and what he is guilty of.

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Required by Norway: This is the international search for Stick Millhoun on Interpol’s website.

Lina Otten Lerhole, operations manager at the Oslo Police District, said they received only a national alert that went to all police districts simultaneously late Wednesday, pre-Wednesday.

– Have you received assignments from Trøndelag?

– So far we have not received any work from Trøndelag in this case, says the Oslo operations manager.

The 53-year-old convicted murderer has previously escaped from prison three times. In December 1992, while attempting to escape from Surfsburg prison, he shot dead a prison officer and forced another officer to drive to Oslo.

– We are using the resources and opportunities we have, Police Attorney Howe told VG on Wednesday night.

– Do you think Millehaugen is still in Norway?

– We are investigating extensively and say we need public information if he is to be noticed in Norway or abroad, Howe says.

– It has been more than twelve hours since he went, so where he traveled, the police do not go out with any information. What the police know and do not know Unfortunately you do not know.

– Are you afraid that he has left the country?

– We think a prisoner can be a dangerous man, which is why we want to control him, whether he is in Norway or abroad.

Millehaugen has spent the rest of his adult life in prison After being convicted of car theft, burglary and armed robbery.

In 2012, he was sentenced to 21 years in prison, Young Guns leader Mohammed “Jedi” Javed’s most severe punishment by law for premeditated murder. The minimum term was fixed at ten years.

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Millehaugen has always denied criminal guilt.

He served about ten years in the Trondheim prison. Prison manager Egil Gabrielsen told VG Wednesday night that Millehaugen had already completed several vacations and that these were normal.

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