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Kunnskapsministeren holder pressekonferanse

– She can lead. He is engaging and has strategic qualities, says District President Cecile Knipp Kroglund Akter of to NRK.

He is supported by Mona Dia, who together with Knibe Kroglund represents Agder Ap in the National Committee of the Labor Party.

Management needs someone with a clear background in AUF. Tonje Brenna’s background as a general secretary, burning commitment to those of us who sit at the bottom of the table and to the school system means she has a lot to contribute to management, says Thea.

After the resignation of Hadia Tajik as vice-president, Ap’s leadership consisted of Jonas Kahr Storr, vice-president Bjorner Skjaren and party secretary Kersti Stenseng.

Many are now advocating for an expansion of the party leadership to include one more vice-president at the national convention in May.

FAVORITE: Agder Ap (left) district leader Cecilie Knibe Kroglund wants Education Minister Donje Brenna as the party’s new vice-president.

Photo: Svein Sundsdal

Changes are needed

NRK has approached members of the National Board of the Labor Party with questions about whether the Labor Party should have a vice-president again, and if so, who it should be.

One of the outspoken advocates for the app to have two vice-presidents again is Frod Feldsbo, the district president in Rogaland.

– JI believe Björn should elect a vice-president in addition to Skjärn, he says and continues:

We have many good people who can take such a stand. I leave it to party democracy to find the right one.

Hadia Tajik, the previous vice president, represents Rogaland. Fjeldsbø responds to the question of whether it is too early to return as vice-president already in the spring, if she wants to do so herself:

No, it’s not too soon in my opinion. Hadiya Tajik apologized for her mistakes and made amends.

Fjeldsbø believes that if the prime minister needs or wants to make changes in the government, Tajik can already become a minister in the winter or spring:

What he has achieved as a minister in his short tenure in government is commendable. If there is a chance to take him back to the king’s table, and Hadiya himself is ready for this, he should return to the government.

Hadiya Tajik did not respond to NRK’s ​​inquiries on the issue.

Donjay Brenna

Popularity: Education Minister Donjay Brenna received a standing ovation when he visited Akhtar App recently.

Photo: Svein Sundsdal

Bragging about Brenna

Formally, Labor’s election committee will nominate the new leadership to the national convention in May. The committee will not be appointed until the new year, but discussions are already underway within the party.

It is known that many people at various levels in the NRK party want a change in party leadership.

Many argue for a replacement in the central government, where many are currently part of the government.

Cicely Knip Croglund

Changes: The district leader of Agder Ap, Cecilie Knibe Kroglund, wants Donje Brenna to come to Ap leadership.

Photo: Guy Stockland

Hadiya is amazing. I hope he will be a key figure in our party for many years to come. Cicely Nipp says she would like to see him back as minister Actor Apple Croglund.

Nevertheless, it is Donjay Brenna who he is now highlighting as the new vice president.

Tonje has a very inclusive personality. She is young, but at the same time has enormous experience, a very precious one. She knows what life is, what party is, she understands our times. Nib Croglund says he thinks such a person will give the Labor Party a good future.

Ap’s mayoral candidate for Kristiansand, Kenneth Mørk, points to Brenna.

Kenneth Mark (Ap)

Excitement: Ap’s mayoral candidate in Kristiansand wants Donje Brenna as deputy.

Photo: Svein Sundsdal

– I very much support Donje’s idea as a candidate for vice-president, if she wants it. And I believe. Young, exceptional talent and bottom line. One of our best and best cards for short and long term, he tells NRK.

Svein Fjellheim, a senior party leader and former state secretary in the prime minister’s office, has openly pointed to Brenna as Ap’s next leader. – When the store drops one day.

– Donje Brenna is our ideal candidate to take over when the time comes, Fjelheim added Daily newspaper Last week.

In addition to Brenna and Tajik, Health and Care Minister Ingvild Kerkol from Trøndelag and Foreign Minister Annigan Hütfeld from Akershus have also been mentioned in the discussion about a possible new vice president in Ap.

– created excitement

Donje Brenna, 35, has a background in the AUF, where he was general secretary from 2010 to 2012. He has previously worked as Youth Secretary at LO in Akershus and Oslo and Political Advisor at AUF.

According to Knibe Kroglund, Brenna caused quite a stir when she visited The delegation in Agder Ap last Saturday.

Oral Question Time at the Storting

Council of State: Donje Brenna has been Minister of Education since the regime change last fall.

Photo: Heiko Jung / NTP

– JI think many people are with me in Agder Ap, says Knibe Kroglund about his own support for Brenna.

During a visit to Agder Ap last weekend, it was heard that the district leader would like to see Brenna become the new vice president of the party.

– This is very nice. But my job is to be the Minister of Education and to do what I can to improve our schools and kindergartens, Brenna told NRK after the meeting in Akter.

– So eventually we’ll have an electoral committee and a national meeting, and then we’ll have to deal with that when we get there, she continued.

– One of the most talented

Abe is working hard Polls Currently. Last week, Storr made changes in the Prime Minister’s Office (SMK). Among other things, he brought in Hallward Holland, Breanna’s adviser at the Ministry of Education, to become the new Secretary of State.

The store facing NRK is now open to the fact that when the National Assembly adjourns on the first weekend of May next year, the Ap leadership can count four again.

– We have laws that allow for one and two vice presidents. We had two, so I think there are good arguments for having two, because we are in government, we have a big responsibility and there is a lot to follow in a party system, says Storr.

– Now we are setting up an election committee in the new year, and then we are having a national meeting in May. Then we will decide there.

UNIO Conference 2022

New deputy leader?: Labor leader Jonas Carr Storr believes there could be “good arguments” for having two deputy leaders.

Photo: Heiko Jung / NTP

– The district president in Aktor thinks Donje Brenna is a good candidate, what do you say to that?

– The good thing for me as party leader is that we have many good candidates. We have a new generation that has the opportunity to try many activities, says Storr and adds about Brenna:

– He is one of many talents.

– It’s also been pointed out that Hadiya Tajik is “making up for herself” and may be poised for the top job, do you agree with that assessment?

– I’m not commenting on any one person except that I’m pretty confident Ap can take those debates. It is the manager’s responsibility to ensure that those who are allowed to put themselves forward and take up positions of responsibility come forward.

– What do you hope to get out of the substitutions you made at SMK last Friday?

– They are who left my servants Friday has done me a good job over the years. I love them dearly, I miss them, they are important to me as fellow human beings and political collaborators, he adds:

– Now we’ve brought in a couple of freshmen with fresh legs and putting it into sports language. Then we will get the best result. We depend on very active communication.

Storr admits the polls are demanding, but promises those in the party:

– Government policy should reach people. We will go out and contribute more to the party organization and the country as a whole.

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