Emergency landing, flight | Flights from Pakistan make emergency landings at Bodo

Emergency landing, flight |  Flights from Pakistan make emergency landings at Bodo

(Nordland Newspaper): On Sunday evening, a passenger plane had to make an emergency landing at Bodø Airport.

Aircraft powered by It was en route to Toronto, Canada from Lahore, Pakistan when it suddenly turned 90 degrees near Svalbard and headed towards Bodo.

Medical emergency landing

Police operations manager Ivar Bo Nilsson tells Avisa Nordland that it was a medical emergency landing.

– Nilsen says there is a patient and a companion who is taken by health and taken to the hospital.

The police understood that the flight would take off again from Bodo Airport after picking up the two men.

– Here, health comes first, he points out.

At 21:53 the plane landed on the runway.

After about ten minutes, the plane arrived at the gate area of ​​the airport.

The type of aircraft in question is a Boeing 777-240, with the passenger version carrying up to 500 passengers.

That's why they get down to Bodo

In 2017, then airport manager Inger-Hilde Tobiassen explained that several transatlantic airlines were using Bodo as an emergency port.

– Airlines map several airports that they can use, so we may not know Bodø as an airport in the plans of many companies, Tobiasen said.

And it is up to the pilot to decide whether an aircraft should make an emergency landing or not.

– In emergency situations, we recognize several types of aircraft. He explained that we provide information about the length of the runway and the pilot has to decide whether they want to land or not.

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