Snow and slush make roads slippery. The E18 at Oscar was partially closed for three hours after the crash.

Snow and slush make roads slippery.  The E18 at Oscar was partially closed for three hours after the crash.

– If you can, leave the car and take it to the office on Friday, urges the Norwegian Public Roads Administration.

A tow truck remains in place after an accident in Bjergke, Oslo.

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Since Thursday evening, snow fog has caused difficulties for motorists and other commuters last night and Friday morning.

Strong winds and heavy snowfall are expected in many parts of the country on Friday. Due to this, many vehicle accidents have happened till today.

A bus and a car collided in Oslo at 9.52 on Nordalsveien in the Bjerke district, police said. The bus was said to have had a few passengers, but the driver of the car suffered a minor cut and was bleeding a little. The carriage is the place.

Earlier on Friday morning, around 7 a.m., a car ended up on its roof on the E18 in Oskar in the direction of Oslo. The driver of the car was not injured. Due to this accident, they were waiting in a long queue for many kilometers.

The E18 was cleared and reopened to normal traffic at 10.20am, police said.

Much of southern Norway has been snowing since Thursday evening. A brush and salt tractor is in action in Kalkeberg on Friday morning.

E16 is blocked

Police said the E16 between Skui and Rustan was closed at 09.30. Two wagon trains got stuck, blocking all traffic in the direction of Hønefoss.

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On Bjørntvedtvegen in Skien, a car ended up in a ditch after a traffic accident between two cars. Both drivers were taken by ambulance for evaluation. Both cars were collected by tow trucks and the road has been reopened.

A traffic accident occurred on County Road 152 at Trobak in Viken just after 9 p.m. Access to the site has been reduced. A car crossed into the oncoming lane and hit the plow, police said. There is major property damage, but no serious personal injury. The road was reopened at 09:45.

Rail transport has also been affected. Bergenspanen is closed between Hallingskid and Myrtle due to an avalanche.

Although foggy weather has hit southern Norway hard in the past 24 hours, it’s shivering in Helgeland on Friday morning. Vegtrafikksentralen nord reports several incidents on the road network due to difficult weather and driving conditions.

– Deterioration is expected throughout the day, and Central Office writes that the Saltfjellet Column is reporting danger/will be closed at short notice. They encourage people to follow Veivesenet’s traffic usage.

Don’t slow down and take any chances

Just before 07:00, the Eastern Traffic Center was able to report that traffic on the main roads was moving without major problems.

— Salted and plowed last night, but the roads are very muddy. This makes for challenging driving conditions. If you slow down a bit, it’s fine, says Nils Jacob A.

He is a transport operator at Vegtrafiksentralen.

– How is the traffic volume compared to a normal Friday?

– It seems very ordinary. The roads leading to Oslo begin to get congested, Aae responds.

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The Sørøst Police District encourages drivers to take the weather into account: reduce your speed and don’t take any chances. Drive carefully and carefully, they write on Twitter.

Moved out to disable

At 03:00 last night, police and volunteers were evacuated following a report of two avalanches over highway 13 northeast of Stavanger.

No vehicles or people were reported trapped in the landslide. Police wrote on Twitter that conditions at the site were challenging. The road is closed between Håra and Nesflaten.

This was the case on National Highway 13 between Håra and Nesflaten in Rogaland at around 3pm last night. has sent a red warning for avalanches and an orange warning for snow in many places. A yellow wind warning has also been issued for Rogaland and Hortaland.

Wind speed of 30-35 m/s over coastal areas and 27-30 m/s inland.

Actor, Westfold and Telemark roads are expected to be claimed on Friday.

The Norwegian Public Roads Administration has issued a clarion call to road users planning a journey in the next 24 hours:

– Leave the car and stay at home tonight and go to the office tomorrow if you can, says Rudi Malmo at the Norwegian Public Roads Administration.

Photo 09.21 from E18 Lanner in the direction of Larvik.

Covered mountain passes

On Friday morning, most mountain passes in southern Norway are closed or have queues due to bad weather.

At 6 am on Friday, National Highway 7, National Highway 13 Vikafjell, as well as County Highway 50 Aurland-Hol, County Highway 51 Garli – Bygdin i Vang/Øystre Slidre and County Highway 53 Tyin-Årdal are both closed on Hartangervita. According to the National Highways Administration, the closure was due to the storm.

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There is a convoy on national highway 52 Hemsedalsfjellet.

E16 Filefjell, E134 Haukelifjell and highway 15 Strynefjell are open to traffic. The latter area may close at short notice.

At 07.30, National Highway 9 Howden – Howkeli was also opened for traffic.

In addition, many sections have sometimes very demanding driving conditions. The situation is changing rapidly, and the Norwegian Road Administration Updates the situation on its website.

Rutter warns – fears new chaos in Oslo

The capital is not spared from the snowy weather. The Norwegian Meteorological Agency has issued a yellow warning for snow in Oslo and Viken.

This comes days after heavy snow led to several accidents and major traffic challenges in Oslo on Monday afternoon. Amid the rush, most of the bus services were halted due to fog.

It has been snowing heavily in eastern Norway since Thursday evening. This has caused inconvenience to many passengers. Here, Manglerud subway station will be plowed on Friday morning.

Already warned on Thursday paths Against potential problems on Friday:

– Those traveling outside and traveling by public transport are requested to allow extra time. There could be major operational disruptions with full and partial disruptions to public transportation, Rutter writes in a press release.

They remind us that travel guarantees do not apply when weather prevents buses and trams from getting there.

At 09.30 on Friday, the router was able to report that traffic was at a standstill between Skogen and Fraknersetteren due to unusual snowfall.

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