Two women have been accused of Tove’s murder – they believe she was strangled and set on fire

Two women have been accused of Tove’s murder – they believe she was strangled and set on fire
Missing: Tove was missing for two and a half weeks before she was found dead.

Prosecutors believe the two women strangled Tove to death before hiding her in a wooded area and setting her on fire.


Now, the two women, ages 18 and 21, are on trial for the murder of 21-year-old Tove, who disappeared on the night of October 16 last year. The next day, the two women of the same age were arrested.

A massive search began after Tove’s disappearance, and she was even found dead in a forest outside Vetlanda on November 2. Neither of the two arrested women told her whereabouts before she was found, Aftonbladet writes.

The prosecution believes that Tove remained killed at home One of the two women.

The two girls are accused of murder and disturbing the peace of the grave. According to Aftonbladet Prosecutors believe that the women strangled Tove before dumping her in a forest and setting her on fire.

svt Later in the day, he writes, the 20-year-old must have returned to the scene with a completely flammable liquid on his body and ignited it again.

– Women are being prosecuted for committing crimes in collaboration, the prosecutor’s office writes press release.

Extensive search: In the two weeks following Tove’s disappearance, an extensive search was conducted, before she was found dead.

A relationship full of conflict

Prosecutor Adam Ruhlmann said the investigation was extensive, and that they had a clear picture of what happened.

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– The investigation indicates that the deceased 21-year-old and the 20-year-old suspect had a conflict-ridden relationship, but we were unable to uncover any other motive, says Ruhlmann.

Acknowledges parts of the Terms

according to svt The two women are said to have denied the accusations for a long time, before finally confessing to parts of them. Among other things, the oldest woman is said to have admitted that Tove died in her apartment, and that it was abuse, not murder. She also admitted to moving Tove’s body.

The younger defendant is said to have admitted to a serious breach of the peace, but believed she had been drunk and slept when Tove died. According to her lawyer, she felt compelled to move the body, SVT writes.


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