The discovery causes a stir: – Treasure

The discovery causes a stir: – Treasure

Last week, a diver made a startling discovery off the coast of Sardinia in Italy, he writes CNN And Watchman.

An unidentified diver found several ancient coins outside the small town of Arzachena. An entire dive team was called in to investigate the matter further, and it quickly turned out to be a remarkable discovery.

At least 30,000 large bronze coins were found, dating back to the fourth century AD.

Stand with them: Here we see several divers placing coins in a basket at the bottom of the sea. Photo: Italian Ministry of Culture
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This was stated by the Italian Ministry of Culture in a press release.

They are rarely well preserved

Turns out the coins “crap”Roman bronze or copper coins, which were used as currency in the Byzantine Empire.

Depending on the weight of the coins, the total number is estimated at between 30,000 and 50,000, according to the Italian Ministry of Culture.

The ministry believes the coins can be dated from 324 to 340 AD. They must be in rare and well-preserved condition, as almost all coins are legible.

Shipwrecks can be hidden

– The discovery highlights the importance of the archaeological heritage found at the bottom of our sea, full of objects from the most ancient times, says Luigi La Rocca, Director of Monuments, Arts and Landscapes of Sardinia.

The Internet boils Amund's drinking bottle

The Internet boils Amund’s drinking bottle

Italian authorities have a theory that there may be a shipwreck at the bottom of the sea, near where the coins were found.

This is because long, narrow-necked Roman or Greek vases with two handles have also been found on the sea floor. This is called Amphora.

Chinese treasure hunters have made a huge historical and archaeological discovery in the depths of the sea. Video: Camera One. Reporter: Vegard Kruger.
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– Very fragile

This treasure represents one of the most important numismatic discoveries in recent years, says Larocca.

numismatics It is the doctrine of coins, banknotes and medals.

– The region has an extraordinary heritage, but it is also a very fragile heritage, constantly threatened by natural phenomena and human traffic, continues Larocca.

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