The war in Ukraine – almost empty

The war in Ukraine – almost empty

Ukrainian Defense Minister Oleksiy Reznikov announced that the Russian forces will soon unload the Iranian-produced Shahed aircraft.

According to Reznikov, Russia will have only 90 “kamikaze” aircraft left.

Tankesmia ISW writes that Russia has increased the use of these drones to be able to continue attacks against Ukrainian infrastructure without using more valuable weapons.

This means that Russian forces will probably only be able to carry out a few large drone strikes in Ukraine until they receive a new drone delivery from Iran, according to the Institute for International Studies.

Reznikov also claims that Russia has consumed about 81 percent of its strategic missile stockpile and 19 percent of its tactical missile stockpile.

Tanksmia writes that Russia was unable to produce enough missiles to support the invasion of Ukraine.

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A country usually increases production of missiles, missiles and other weapons systems and ammunition before embarking on a major war. Russia has not done so, writes the ISW.

Nor have they moved the industry in an adequate way. This may be due to fear of further turmoil in the Russian economy.

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